WoW Classic: Diving back into Deadmines

“Who wants to join us for a noble if suicidal and misguided mission?”

With that kind of call put out into guild chat, how can you not resist? As I said, what are we so busy doing in WoW Classic that we can’t just stop to goof around with guildies? There’s a hard stop at the end there, so might as well have as much fun along the way.

The call in question was from Belghast to go do a Deadmines run. As we were all Horde, this was a slightly trickier prospect — but more appealing because of it. A lot of us had very fond memories of this early dungeon and wanted to see the pre-Cataclysm edition once more. So House Kraken jumped on a zeppelin, went over to Stranglethorn Vale, and met each other “in person” for the first time since Classic launched.

Yeah. Undead rule.

To get to Deadmines, we thought we were in for a huge gauntlet through higher level zones and twisty turny paths. Turns out that there was a much more elegant solution: To swim up the coast, encountering nary an enemy along the way. As with many WoW Classic activities, it left us with plenty of time to chat. Most of the conversation was either (a) favorably comparing WoW Classic to retail version or (b) dredging up memories of Ye Olde Vanilla Tymes.

After a largely uneventful trip north, we arrived at the Deadmines and began to do our dirty work. This wasn’t a particularly hard job, either, as a few party members were well over-leveled for the dungeon and blew through it rather quickly. In fact, I noted that we were approaching this in much the same way we would have on the live server: by rounding up a large group of mobs and then burning them down. Crowd control? Careful pulls? Not in this run, no sirree.

It was deeply surreal to be going through Classic Deadmines once again. This is the version that I knew and remembered the best; I’ve done the Cataclysm version a few times, and while that’s all well and good, it hasn’t replaced this memory. Besides, they’re both basically the same layout and pacing, other than the intricacies of the boss fights.

We had a lot of fun goofing around on the way and sucking up as much loot as possible. I actually came out very well from the run, netting over a gold’s worth of vendored loot, a couple of green upgrades, and even a blue ring with +6 INT on it. That made me smile. Actually, I think most all of us got something good out of the run.

Mr. Smite’s cutscenes here remind me of a very old World of Warcraft memory, which was (I think) when Patch 1.2 came out and Blizzard kind of made a big deal out of adding chat bubbles to the game. The above quote was featured in a website article about it.

I proved to be somewhat of a good luck charm, as I ended up looting not one but two parrot pets. Considering how rare a good pet is in Classic, these are actually desirable. But I’ve been rocking my narcoleptic panda, so I gave away the macaws to others who wanted one. “A Two-Parrot Run” instantly became guild slang for a worthwhile dungeon venture.

One thought on “WoW Classic: Diving back into Deadmines

  1. DonV September 11, 2019 / 4:26 pm

    Enjoying my classic experience so far. Hit level 12 on Bloodsail Buccaneers, starting to think guild. Raiding is a ways off for me.

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