My latest World of Warcraft obsession? Engineering.

Back in the days of actual vanilla World of Warcraft, I had a Gnome Warlock named Syp (whom I think of as “the original Syp,” as that was where I got my online handle). In her adventures through vanilla and into The Burning Crusade, I took her down the path of Engineering, as I thought it fitted her nature as a Gnome rather well.

This turned out to be one of the very few times that I actually heavily pursued a World of Warcraft crafting profession. It took a lot of farming, time, and dedication, but it all felt worth it to get cool toys, a dragon combat pet, neat goggles, and — in TBC — a helicopter/plane to call my own. That helicopter was one of my most treasured possessions in an online game when I finally crafted it, all the more so because of the work that I had put into it.

Weirdly enough, after I left WoW for a break in 2008, I never got back into Engineering when I came back for subsequent stints and expansions. It’s weird to me because if there’s one profession that is totally down my alley, it’s this one. I’m totally about toys and gadgets and pets and mechanical everything. But I guess I thought it took too much time and I was too behind as it was, and so I eschewed further exploration of Engineering for gathering profs (because money).

This has changed over the past few weeks, mostly due to WoW Classic. In looking at the limitations of what that server would have — assuming that there would never be any progression or server transfers — I started thinking of alternate goals for my character. Engineering once again popped into my mind. It was something that I could pursue at my own pace, was an activity that would take up much of the leveling process, and could fill up time when I was at 60 and without anything else to do.

That got me excited. Even if Classic never ends up being more than Classic, having a character with those engie toys once again might feel like the journey was worth it.

What got me even more excited was the thought that, hey, I’m about done with my main goals in Battle for Azeroth and need something else to do on retail. Once I get flying on my Death Knight, I’ll be done with that character until the next patch/expansion. So what I’m thinking is that I might flip back over to my level 116 Gnome Hunter, finish her leveling, and then start working on bringing Engineering up to the max level.

As of this writing, I haven’t even done much research into what is out there. Honestly, I’m ignorant of any developments past the Burning Crusade era, but I’m looking forward to reading up on that and maybe spending the next few months taking my Gnome through trade school. It’d be a good feeling to have a crafting prof maxed out once more.

2 thoughts on “My latest World of Warcraft obsession? Engineering.

  1. It’s so odd, Engineering is the one profession that lags behind my others (I have several max alts – who exist for their profession skills) – but maybe it’s because my engineer is my DK – who at the moment seems to be resigned to spending her days in Boralus being my AH character. Maybe if I got into finishing her leveling (she’s like 117 ?) I’d have more interest in crafting all the things…actually – pardon my thinking aloud in your comments box – I guess I’ll give that a go today – give my AH alt some attention and get into engineering again…thanks for the great post – and the engineering inspiration 🙂

  2. Engineering can be very powerful even for min maxers. Shammie is my first love maybe do a gnome rogue for an alternative.

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