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Dagger of Amon Ra: Act 4, Museum of the Dead

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1992’s The Dagger of Amon Ra. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

As the murders are piling up in the museum, at no point have any of the characters here gone, “Gee, maybe we should leave? Call in more cops? Barricade ourselves into a closet and refuse to come out for any reason?” Instead they all go about their various businesses, some obviously ducking the law, while the murderer(s) keep knocking folks off one by one.

Yvette is somewhat displeased that Ernie has been mastadon-ka-bobbed, but Laura isn’t buying it. She knows a player when she sees one, and in a funny bit, she calls Yvette out on it. Way to go, girl.

Steve, the dull-witted and creepy-voiced love interest of Laura, shows up out of the blue and raises all sorts of suspicion about his integrity when he (a) has no idea that murders are happening all around him, (b) subjects himself to a scar examination by one lady, and (c) gives Yvette a “comfort massage” to ease her pain over Ernie’s death. “You mind not moaning so loud?” is perhaps the phrase from this game that will haunt me until the day I die.

The museum’s security officer isn’t much help either. He flies off the handle at everything, threatens to shoot everyone, and keeps using the two German words that all players in the 1990s learned from Wolfenstein 3D.

Oh hey! Yvette got murdered! And then… stood up inside of a portrait gallery, posed somewhat seductively (?), and then hastily plastered over by the killer. Man, this killer goes to great lengths to cover himself up. I mean, how awkward would that be if you walked in on a guy propping up a corpse with one hand and slathering plaster all over it with the other? That’s not something you’re going to attribute to “it is what it is!”

Yes, this is a completely normal question and reaction to this situation. This lady needs professional help, and I’m not talking about the snake-bitten elderly lady up there.

Really, if you hate snakes, this is probably not the game for you, because Laura then has to come in and wrangle a cobra back into its cage. Man, remember the 80s, when we thought cobras were the coolest snake on the planet? What ever happened to that? I would join any dojo with the name Cobra Kai and hire Stallone to do Cobra 2 if I had the chance!

Yeah, Laura isn’t the best at handling snakes, by the way. At least she gets a dumb pun to comfort her into the afterlife.

With the countess dead, that makes the total kill count in the game six so far. It is kind of ridiculous at this point, but that’s the kind of adventure game this is, so we just roll with it. I do think that the most silly part of it is how much evidence Laura keeps removing from all of the crime scenes. Her purse seems to hold no end to random junk that may (will) prove necessary in the future. Of course, if I were her, I’d be using the weight of that purse to punch a hole in a window and jump out to freedom.

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