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World of Warcraft: Mechago-go-gadget flying!

In contrast with Nazjatar, the OTHER Patch 8.2 zone was an actual delight of questing and theme. Of course, I’m totally pro-Gnome, so of course I’m going to enjoy an island full of cyborg Gnomes, giant robots, goofy gadgets, and even Terminator-esque alternate realities.

While I haven’t talked about it much this past month (or at all), I’ve been logging into WoW to play in Mechagon in my quest to (re)gain flying in Battle for Azeroth. Unlike Naz, Mechagon eschewed world quests in favor of a rotating series of daily quests. Don’t really see much in favor of one over the other, but once I figured out this different format, I was scoring about 1,000-1,500 reputation a day… plus a lot of other materials.

Mechagon is just so much better than Nazjatar in so many ways, which makes me glad that I saved it for last. In addition to the cool theme, the island is easy to navigate (always a HUGE plus), has a lot of humor involved, pays out in tons of loot (I got a wicked one-hand chainsaw sword that I now treasure), and even has a questline that results in a really cool ground mount:

It even transforms, sort of, into a motorcycle! And hovers in the air! If this thing flew, it’d be my new all-time favorite. As it is, I’m glad to toss it into the mount mix.

So yeah, all around good questing fun in Mechagon. I even got a little into junkyard tinkering, which is a sort of crafting vendor that takes all of that junk I was picking up and turns it into some helpful gadgets and other nice goodies.

Ultimately, however, my eyes were fixed on the goal of getting revered with the Rustbolt Resistance, and last Thursday, it finally happened. I was free. I was flying once more.

After over a year of being grounded in this expansion, now I literally have wings. I know we can bandy back and forth the reasoning and possible virtues of Blizzard withholding flight at the start of each expansion, but I won’t deny that it ends up being a massive headrush when it is returned after so long.

Oddly enough, this kind of marks the end of the journey for this character, now that she’s got flying. I’m not going to push her forward in gear progression, and she’s all caught up on questlines. So I spent some time cleaning up her inventory, transferring some stuff, and then getting back into my Gnome Hunter for a trip back through the expansion and a side excursion in Engineering. I might be the only person more excited about retail right now than Classic, but… flying. It’ll make a second run-through so much more satisfying.

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