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If I had time, here’s what MMOs I’d be playing

In my head I usually have two lists of MMOs at any given time. Well, three lists. The first would be upcoming games that I’m keeping tabs on in case that they prove to be interesting and actually good on release. Then I have the games I’m actually playing, which is a rather limited list due to time constraints and kids and work and a million other things that come up on any given day.

Then there’s my wish list. My dream list. My “If I had nothing to do during a day and could play at least five hours instead of my normal one to two, here’s what I’d play” backlog. They’re “on deck” MMOs that are waiting for me to drop my interest in a currently played title so that they can worm their way back into my schedule.

So here is my current wish list that’s probably not going to get play anytime soon but I keep thinking about them every so often:

Star Trek Online: I keep coming back to this one every year or so, keep rolling up new characters, keep going through the same exact missions. If I ever do go back, I think I might try a different faction or era or something. Enough with the nonstop Federation trek.

Neverwinter: There’s just so much content in this game I’ve never seen or played, and I read about how a lot of the newer stuff is pretty decent. Cryptic’s games are pretty easy to get back into, especially when you want a light and fluffy experience that gives you sparkles to tell you where to go. Who needs to think?

ArcheAge: I may talk big about wanting to get into this fantasy game when the buy-to-play server comes out… and I do want to, but will I? Probably not. At least not right away. I have plenty to play that I’ve already bought and I am not starving for an MMO to fill that space. Still, I do like a lot of the freedom and invention that went into this title and would like to see it for myself one day.

Guild Wars 2: Here’s a very easy entry for this list that I actually might do. Might. There’s a little bit of momentum on the game’s content delivery, so perhaps it can pull out of this year-long funk and get going again. And it’s such a casual-friendly game. I’d want to grab gliding for my account (which I’ve never done yet) and then probably roll up a brand-new character and have fun exploring this land all over again.

2 thoughts on “If I had time, here’s what MMOs I’d be playing

  1. I’m not playing LOTRO at the moment but may be tempted back by the new Dwarven option. Who needs to make epic story progress when I can start another alt?

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