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Syp’s gaming goals for October 2019

September 2019 in review

  • I knew in advance that this was going to be a far too packed month in my life, especially with exams, so gaming time took a hit with that. Still got some stuff done, just not as much as normal.
  • WoW Classic was the huge title of the month, and within the span of September I went from being downright obsessed about it to letting it slip out of my hands (at least for now) due to goals I wanted to pursue in other titles. I very much enjoyed hanging out with the guild we formed and revisiting an earlier era of World of Warcraft, however.
  • Speaking of, I made great strides forward in World of Warcraft on my Death Knight. I finally unlocked flying, finished up Mechagon, and wrapped up just about everything I needed to… at least until Patch 8.2.5 hit. I rolled up a new Kul Tiras Druid that I’m head-over-heels about (you’ll hear more about her soon) as my new project for that game.
  • I gave full Lord of the Rings Online priority to leveling up my Minstrel through the progression server’s latest expansion. In a month, she went from level 65 at the tail of Mirkwood through all of Enedwaith and into Dunland to be level 70. When news of this month’s expansion hit, I knew I had to get my main finished up in Vales of Anduin, so I started weaving my Lore-master back into the gaming routine in the final days of September.
  • I finished up The Dagger of Amon Ra in my retro playthrough series. It was fine.
  • While I had intentions to do some non-MMO gaming, very little came of that due to the time restrictions.
  • I did try out Apple Arcade on my iPhone but mostly played my trio of Clash Royale, Bloons 6, and Battleheart Legacy while I did my morning stationary biking.

October 2019’s gaming goals

  • Let’s start with LOTRO here, because that is at the forefront of my mind. Assuming that Minas Morgul does launch on October 29th, I absolutely need my Lore-master to be fully ready to step in there. The good news is that she’s mostly caught up and only has some interlude quests to do. Other than that, I’ll push to see how much I can get done of Rise of Isengard on my Minstrel before the expansion starts sucking my time away.
  • Over in World of Warcraft, I’m working on getting my bee mount (of course) and then going through the remainder of the War Campaign on my Death Knight. Apart from that, I’ll be leveling up my Druid and enjoying healing for a change.
  • I’m very seriously contemplating purchasing ArcheAge’s buy-to-play version when that comes out. I’m teetering toward it but still haven’t committed to the thought. It’s not the price tag so much as making internally sure I’ll play it enough to justify the purchase.
  • Torchlight Frontiers needs to get here already. SWTOR’s Onslaught expansion looks solid but it’d have to get huge word-of-mouth to pull my attention back to it. Never say never, though.
  • I have a couple of single-player RPGs on deck: Fallout New Vegas for my retro series and The Witcher 3 because I’m shamefully behind the times on playing this acclaimed title.

2 thoughts on “Syp’s gaming goals for October 2019

  1. Witcher 3 is one of those games I need to play again because there was so much in it that I’m sure I missed more than I saw.

    And there is nothing wrong with being behind on games, especially singleplayer ones. I’m usually at least a year or two behind on what I want to play, so end up with deals on the full game plus DLC when I do finally get to them. 🙂

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