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Saying goodbye to Fallen Earth (for now)

It saddens me more than I had expected to be sitting here writing perhaps the last Fallen Earth adventure here on Bio Break. It’s weird — I had a strong dream about this game the other night, and when I woke up and logged in for real, it was exactly as I had recalled during sleep. I’d been away from FE for so long now that most of my fond memories went into very long term storage.

But that would change, for I was determined for one last cross-country trip in this game. All I had was a level 2 scrub who couldn’t fight worth anything and didn’t have a horse, but at least she had legs to drag the camera across the wasteland.

I started in Clinton Farm and determined that my road trip destination would be the seemingly near Hotel Nevada — which was ominously crossed out. I wanted to see why. The two might look close together, but if you know Fallen Earth’s map, you’ll know that it is so, so huge. Running this took me about a half hour between those two black points.

Before I left, I took some pictures of the starter town, including a representative of Franklin Riders up there. Everywhere I turned and snapped a pic, I kept telling myself, “I *remember* this!”

He proudly guards the veggies. God bless you and your service, sir.

Fallen Earth has a lot of NPC chatter, and in the local firehouse I caught this amusing interchange between a trainer and her students. This game still makes me laugh!

The road trip proper began, and I found myself crossing deep gorges and trying to skirt around mobs that would no doubt swarm and kill me. At least I had the occasional global chat and the pleasant ambient tunes to keep me company.

Run run run jump. So much running. I re-familiarized myself with the UI and even completed a crafting task that I began months ago. The more I was tooling around here, the more I really wished I could be back here playing it full-time. I think I am more than primed to return, which is why its shutdown is a personal tragedy.

I met some old friends — or should I say, frenemies — along the way. Hey, it’s a prairie chicken! I loved these guys. Even had one as a mount. I got too close to this one here for a picture and aggroed it and his cousin, earning myself a quick trip to the nearest lifepod.

I also had fun provoking the mutated hermit crabs toting around their CRT monitor shells and garbage cans. I still think they’re cute.

I reached Hotel Nevada at long last. I could see why it was crossed out: The place had been taken over by a gang, and the mob density was too high to permit my level 2 Tourist to come any closer.

With that, I found a slight hillock not too far away and took the picture that you see at the top of this post. That’s where I’m going to leave my character until the end. She had a short life, but it had a purpose — to remind me that this was truly one of the underrated MMOs of our time.

I hope Little Orbit can bring it back. I truly do. If it does, I promise to be there, day one.

5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Fallen Earth (for now)

  1. Thank you for this! I loved Fallen Earth for a while but drifted away as one does. I will always consider it to be one of my favorite MMOs, and I’m sorry to see it closing down.

  2. It really is a forgotten gem of a game. I wanted to ride around and take loads of video but in the end I didn’t find the time, which has always been Fallen Earth’s problem – everyone who tries it seems to like it but somehow there are always more pressing things to do than actually play.

    It would be a terrible waste if the sunset never gives way to a new sunrise.

  3. I know I played the game at some point, but not for long. I don’t even remember which game I chose to play instead. But I do remember that I really enjoyed my time in Fallen Earth.

  4. It sounds like a game that players remember fondly, but that didn’t seem to be able to keep them playing. Why was that? Was the minute – by – minute gameplay boring? Was there not enough to do, or was it hard to plan what to do? Did it require you to set aside too big a chunk of time for each session? Where the controls unnatural or easy to forget? Was it something else? Several things together?

  5. I can’t speak for others, but I played the HECK out of it for a couple of years there. The free-to-play shift was done poorly, and the problems with the coding and bugs only got worse as the years went on. Development stopped, and that’s hard to keep players engaged at that point.

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