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Fallout New Vegas: Side questing

(This is part of my journey going playing through 2010’s Fallout New Vegas. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Up until this point in my playthrough, I’ve pretty much been sticking to the main story path without much in terms of deviations. This week? This week I’m deviating as all get out. Finish up some side quests and then do what I love to do in Fallout the most, which is to angle toward different unexplored landmarks and see what’s out there.

I think this might have been a developer’s cry for help after an enormous crunch session.

One benefit of doing this wandering/uncovering the game map is that I ended up in a lot of combat situations and therefore started raking in a good amount of XP. I need the extra levels, and in the span of the week, I think I went up 2.5 levels from combat alone.

Poor geckos. They were just freaked out at the armed space woman invading their territory.

Another helpful factor of this personal expedition was the addition of my first companion, Boone. He’s not the most lively of characters — just a stoic sniper who really hates the Legion — but he’s absolutely great at picking off bad guys at a distance and helping to conserve my ammo.

I wandered through a long radioactive gulch (completely safe, thanks to my spacesuit’s high rad protaction) and then found this drive-in movie theater. It’s not as fancy as the one in early Fallout 4, but I like touches like this.

And there was this memorial. For something, I didn’t find out what. I had a feeling that this might be an actual real-world landmark of sorts, something that the Fallout series does on occasion. But I didn’t feel like researching it.

Fallout New Vegas’ map design is rather genius in its layout. You start the game very close to New Vegas, but there are a lot of high level mobs between you and it, so to get there you have to take a very roundabout route to eventually get there. There aren’t any invisible or visible walls stopping you from trying to go straight there, but you’re probably going to die.

When I stopped back in Novac, the gift store owner let me know that the town was gifting me with my own hotel room. I guess this is my HQ now? Having a bed and a storage locker right near a vendor is very convenient indeed!

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