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A vision of a streamlined LOTRO experience

With 530 posts here on Bio Break, nine years of coverage on both Massivelys, and 12 years of play, clearly I am a fan of Lord of the Rings Online. There’s something fulfilling and deeply enjoyable about this ongoing journey through Middle-earth that keeps me coming back to it. But even so, I would be the first to admit that one of its biggest — and yet largely unspoken by the community — flaws is that it is a very alt-unfriendly MMORPG.

That’s not to say people avoid making alts; plenty of folks do. Most of the ones I know personally play LOTRO as their only MMO, and so alts make sense for them. But whereas I have scads of City of Heroes alts, in LOTRO, I have less characters on the selection screen for all servers combined than I have fingers on a single hand. I just don’t make alts in this game.

Why is that? The primary reason is time and length. The journey through LOTRO is more or less linear: You progress through level-gated zones, led by an epic storyline that is tailored to take you through the right places at the right time. And since there isn’t a lot of options how you are going to progress, you’ll be doing the same thing with each character.

And that “same thing” is plowing through literally thousands of quests. LOTRO’s design is very quest-centric, with each zone and expansion adding hundreds of additional missions to keep the playerbase busy and happy. If you were doing those quests when they were released, then you probably experienced them at a measured pace, but that’s not how it goes for most people who haven’t kept up. They’ve been buried under loads and loads of quests that simply take a whole lot of time to get through.

LOTRO has good quests and some really great questlines — Bingo Boffin and the epic storyline in particular. But it also has filler coming out of its ears. There’s kind of this running joke in the game that the writers are desperate to milk out every last ounce of potential content from the source material that they keep players backtracking and making very tiny baby steps forward in their journey so that Frodo and Sam are running laps around them in comparison.

So here’s my thought today about the alt problem. When a player hits the level cap, it should trigger a second game mode that offers a much more streamlined leveling experience. I’m not talking about simply upping the XP (although that would be the easy and most probable method); I’m talking about paring down the obscene number of quests so as to only give players the most essential ones to complete in order to experience the key elements of the story and move more quickly through the world a second, third, or even seventeenth time around.

Another option would be for this “new game plus” would be to eliminate ALL side quests and level fully from the epic alone. Just increase the rewards and XP from the epic to compensate, and players could jet through the game at a much faster pace. If they’ve already done all of the flower picking and pie running on at least one character, why not let their alts have an easier time catching up?

8 thoughts on “A vision of a streamlined LOTRO experience

  1. I’m currently trying to decide whether to play my runekeeper on my former (regular) server to experience the new content (she’s only level 65, but I stopped playing before my former main hit 75) or play on the progression server. I have a guardian there, but she’s just not fun to play. My runekeeper is 25 and I have no idea how she got there! I have a ton of alts in Lotro, I just never level them usually. Since we’ve more or less moved to Anor, it’d make sense to play there as my friends are there as well now. But that’d mean going through Moria again. I really despise that place! And as you said, since it’s all more or less linear, I have no other choice – except playing skirmish after skirmish which gets boring very fast as well.

  2. I find LotRo to be alot more enjoyable on the free version which doesn’t give you any quests to speak of after the first few zones. That way I can explore the beautiful landscape and my character can behave like someone who actually lives there rather than some kind of not-very-glorified errand boy.

  3. If they made combat more like DDO I would play LotR a lot. I find combat dreary so I just don’t play.

  4. I’d want a halfway house between “do all the quests again” and “epic only XP boost”. Something akin to the revamp of quest categories/markers in SWTOR but not so drastic (where the colour of quest markers are now purple vs yellow). If post capping your alts could see Epic quests and ‘key flavour quests’ for a zone marked distinctly from ‘optional quests’, I think that would make it easier to raise alts without feeling the weight of all that content.

  5. I see two problems with the epic quests becoming the main leveling path. A lot of the Epic quests have a fairly absurd amount of travel in them, that would need to be worked on. The other problem is that the helms deep big battles are a complete train wreck of difficulty and confusion the first time you do them, and there is a step in the epic quests you currently can’t clear without winning five or six of them in a row.

  6. The answer to this is “easy,” which of course means it’s super-hard:

    Remove all quest pre-reqs, aside from explicit chains. If you walk into an area, you can take any quest. No need to have a vector in from the previous hub or zone. No need to have done a_random_quest from another local, or from another hub.

    The problem with many LotRO quests, which became worse in later expansions, is hard-locking content behind completion of other content. I’d want need a setup like ESO, where you can walk into any hub and start the story there, or skip a hub if you don’t like it or have out-levelled the content.

    Also, you’d need an unlock for the fast travel network. If any of your characters can take a horse to Galtrev, your “New Game+” character can.

  7. I like this suggestion, now getting back into the game after a few years off (previously I went under the handle ‘shipwreck’).

    Coming back now, I find I feel a lot less internal pressure to “get the shit done” and level up. I can take it slow and enjoy all the quests, even if the filler ones, and enjoy the beautiful zones and the epic story. That said, I’m not too keen on going back through them (this month I’ve gone from Dol Amroth to Minas Tirith [before the battle]) as alts, so an alternate method would be welcome.

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