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Syp’s Gaming Goals for December 2019

November 2019 in review

  • This was a pretty solid and stable gaming month in which I had fun with my current staples without really going outside of those boundaries.
  • With the launch of Minas Morgul in LOTRO, I focused on getting my Lore-master through the new expansion. I finished up Mordor Besieged before making good progress into the Morgul Vale and leveling up my character to 125.
  • Speaking of expansions, I got back to Heavensward in FFXIV and pushed further into that than I ever have played before. While I tried out the Mechinist for a while, I fell back on my Scholar to level both for familiarity and fast queuing. I enjoyed getting flight for the first time in that game and getting into a comfortable — if not exciting — gaming groove. Also found me a good guild there.
  • I’m probably taking longer than most people with The Outer Worlds, but I had a terrific time this month exploring these frontier planets and dealing with tricksy corporations. Just an amazing game experience.
  • The gaming surprise of the month was Shop Titans, a silly mobile game in which I play as a fantasy world shopkeeper. It became my go-to game whenever I had a few minutes here and there.
  • I didn’t get as much time into my retro gaming title, Fallout New Vegas, but at least I made it to the titular city.

December 2019’s gaming goals

  • I’m going to be ambitious for this month, especially knowing that I’ll have some extra time off work to squeeze in a bit more gaming. So let’s start with Lord of the Rings Online: I want to finish Minas Morgul and hit level 130 with my Lore-master.
  • I don’t think I’ll be able to do the same — finish an expansion — in FFXIV, but I’d be happy getting most of the way through Heavensward.
  • I want to wrap up The Outer Worlds and Fallout New Vegas this month so I can go into the new year with some new games.
  • That’s it. I’m going to laser-focus on those four games and get stuff DONE this December!

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