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Fallout New Vegas: All hail the King!

(This is part of my journey going playing through 2010’s Fallout New Vegas. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Welcome to New Vegas at last! While I started the game geographically close to Fallout New Vegas’ key city, you can’t really go there right away; there’s a lot of nasty stuff between Goodsprings and New Vegas that serve as a deterrent for this. Instead, it was a very roundabout trip to get back here from the opening cutscene and try to figure out this courier business with Benny.

New Vegas itself is an oddity in the Fallout universe. It has some really rundown sections, to be sure, but at the core is a relatively attractive casino strip that enjoys full electricity and amenities. It’s really strange to see this alternative universe 1950s-style town in good condition.

It’s here in New Vegas that I met The King. Not Elvis, not unless he got reincarnated or something, but a guy who obviously idolizes Elvis. I don’t really care about the singer, but any guy who has a cybernetic dog is OK in my book and worth helping out.

The King sent me on a mission to investigate an escort (the non-sexual kind) who has been into some shady stuff. It’s a kinda clever quest: I hired him and let him lead me around until we got “ambushed” by a bunch of guys that he “killed” quickly. I followed this up by taking him down, because that’s more effective than a negative Yelp review. Plus, he had a really nice gun I wanted. My character is sinning all OVER the place here. Bad character!

After getting myself into the King’s good graces, I am gifted with two wonderful rewards. The first is free access into the Strip (which I kind of already paid to access, so that was a bust) and use of his cybernetic dog Rex. This means I now have two companions, one of which is apparently crazy about rats. That suits me just fine.

The ever-present Victor — who I think is jumping around from robot to robot thanks to software — greets me on the Strip and lets me know that the elusive Mr. House wants to meet lil’ ol’ courier me. But first, I have a score to settle with Benny.

Since the casino won’t let me bring in weapons, I have to smuggle one in. Thankfully, there’s a holdout weapon vendor nearby, and I purchased a silenced .22 to carry with me. I actually never needed it, but I would have felt naked otherwise.

Benny understandably freaks out when I show my face on the casino floor. I mean, considering that the last time he saw me he shot me in the head. I wanted to return the favor, but the odds were greatly against me, and no amount of bullet time is going to help me win. So I played along, got double-crossed, and then talked myself out of it (!).

That’s when I got the biggest shock of this game so far when I found Yes Man inside Benny’s suite. Yes Man is an obscenely cheerful robot who serves as an exposition dump, spilling all manner of secret plans to me. It turns out that there’s this platinum chip, see, that actually contains a lot of very useful data about the defenses of Mr. House (who may or may not be a super-computer, I don’t know). Benny wanted to use the chip to take down Mr. House and establish himself as the new leader of the city, hence why he shot me when I was transporting said chip at the start of the game.

There’s a lot that needs to be done, according to Yes Man. I have options to side with Mr. House or another faction or try to vie for the top spot myself, but I’m going to need that chip and handle an upcoming battle between the Legion and the NCR at Hoover Dam.

Even the Legion is willing to deal, now that I’m a major player in town. Golly, everyone loves me all of the sudden! I’m the belle of the ball!

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