The Outer Worlds completed! …and final thoughts

By December 2nd, one of the four major gaming goals that I set for the month had already been finished. I wrapped up The Outer Worlds after playing it for the majority of November, sitting back in a bittersweet satisfaction as the end credits told me of the fallout from my adventures.

Perfect game? Nah, but I didn’t expect it to be. Most fun new game I played this year? Definitely. The Outer Worlds was everything I hoped to gain from a Fallout/Futurama/Firefly hybrid, delivering a compact and satisfying experience in a narratively rich setting. I’ll agree with some viewpoints that I’ve heard — namely, that the runtime is short, the normal difficulty setting is rather easy (especially after the first planet or so), and some of the mechanics aren’t as explored as others.

I consider the virtues of The Outer Worlds to be much greater than their flaws, however. There was so much detail in these small areas that I enjoyed combing through every inch of the game. The crew I picked up was entertaining and extremely memorable, especially after going through their own side stories. And I felt as though I usually had enough options to roleplay and game the way I wanted to.

Sometimes I would make a save and then try out different choices to see what would happen, and more often than not, the devs had clever responses to those choices. You can be downright scandalous in this game while still being a nominal hero, but I would imagine that most players went through as I did — largely choosing the more virtuous options and trying to make everyone happy.

The final act of the game contained two huge storytelling beats that had great potential to be explored in future DLC or expansions or sequels, and I truly hope that Obsidian is hard at work on more of this game universe. I definitely want to adventure more in Halcyon and perhaps get the gang back together for one more ride.

Great game. Very satisfied with my purchase and will probably be doing another playthrough in a year or so when I’ve forgotten some of the details. I hope that this title gets its fair share of end-of-the-year awards from press outlets and fans, because I strongly feel it deserves it.

2 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds completed! …and final thoughts

  1. Oh wow, finished already! I’ve been sitting on this. I really want to give it a try but am trying to hold out until it comes out on GOG or Steam in nine months or so. Not sure I can wait. Everything you’ve said makes me want to play this more!

  2. I started playing this on xbox is free on game pass interesting so far. The companion feature is intriguing and nice so far. Yeah the story is great so far.

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