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Fallout New Vegas: Bombers and mafia fantasies

(This is part of my journey going playing through 2010’s Fallout New Vegas. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

After having done dozens of these retro gaming series — seriously, check it out — I have noted that there usually comes a certain moment in which this desire of wanting to complete a game wells up inside of me. Usually it happens when I’ve been immersed in a particular title for a while, can sense that the ending is coming, and want to move on to a new game. I’m not dissatisfied with the game itself, mind you, just eager to see a project completed.

That’s where I’m at with Fallout New Vegas right now. I can smell the end credits… but I can’t see them. And I am hungry to wrap up another one of my major December 2019 goals. So let’s get to it!

One of the things I really like about New Vegas — other than the fact that it feels more like a Fallout game than the last three Bethesda entries have been — is that you really have a LOT in the way of choice. Choices in how you complete missions and choices how you shape the story. By the endgame, which I am entering here, I can support either Mr. House, the NCR, or the Legion and help them win the day. I’m throwing my hat — and chips — with Mr. House, because I’m pretty sure he’s an A.I. that looks like Robert Downey Jr. Tell me what to do, O Iron Man!

Even though I’m secretly working for Mr. House, I’m still able to infiltrate the Legion and help them out with some quests (all with the goal of getting that platinum chip back, of course). The Caesar gives me a “gift” of disposing of Benny any way I see fit. I chose combat in the arena, because there’s nothing like mashing a mafia movie and a Roman epic together. Bye-bye, Benny. This is what you get when you shoot people in the head.

Mr. House tells me the story of the chip, which was manufactured right before the bombs fell and started the whole post-apocalyptic scene. He’s been trying to get it back ever since, as his capabilities were only partially activated without it.

Now that he’s got the chip, his robot army is upgraded from cops to soldiers and have access to missile launchers. Seriously, why *wouldn’t* you side with the faction that has the robot army?

I’m probably not as high in levels as I would be if I had done a lot more side quests, but I feel that level 16 is pretty good. I’m downright deadly with a pistol and can go into VATS for nearly forever.

The war is brewing between the three sides, but Mr. House wants me to help him (it?) stack the deck. Next up is venturing out to the well-armed and paranoid Boomers, a collection of military nuts who have holed themselves up in an Air Force base and never come out. Getting their aid required a whole lot of quests, including raising a bomber from the bottom of Lake Mead.

Lotta fish-men in that lake. Nasty ones, too, that spit magic or something at me. While I got access to a rebreather to stay underwater forever, New Vegas doesn’t let you use weapons down there — even if you’re being attacked. That seems rather unfair.

Look at that, one bomber resurrected for robots to cut up and cart away for reassembly. This is such a strange game at times.

From there I dove right into a mafia movie, thanks to another quest that had me taking down mob bosses inside of their own skeezy pleasure palace. Let me give you some free advice: Getting holdout weapons in this game is one of the best things you can do — especially if you’re a pistol expert.

3 thoughts on “Fallout New Vegas: Bombers and mafia fantasies

  1. Slight spoiler but there’s also a fourth end game option. ‘No gods, no masters’ aka the screw all of you path. You can sabotage Mr. House, take his army of killer robots and exterminate the Legion, drive the NCR back to California and take over New Vegas to run it yourself.

  2. Hehe, he thinks he’s close to end-game.
    I mean, I guess you could rush straight there from here, especially if you’re just playing the base game. If you are doing the any of the DLC, NOW is the time to do them (even if just for your personal enjoyment, and not the blog). And of course there’s the whole unexplored portions of the map.

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