Marie’s Room delivers a small but tantalizing tale

With most of my December gaming projects finished and some days off ahead, I wanted to poke at some smaller games to fill out the days. First up was Marie’s Room, a free walking simulator that contains no save games, as it’s designed to be played start to finish in one short (~30 minutes) session.

I came because I’ve really missed a good walking simulator tale this year, and despite its short length, Marie’s Room had good reviews. I’ll take short and sweet. Even short and bittersweet.

A woman returns to the room of her childhood friend after something happened to damage their relationship in the past. Filling out the story — literally, on the pages of a journal — means carefully combing through the room, uncovering a very small handful of clues, and learning about these two girls.

It’s not a super deep game, which wasn’t really possible for this game’s length, but I’d say that if you’re in the mood for a thoughtful short story experience, it’s perfect. I learned a lot about these two characters in that time, at least the details that mattered, and gradually came to understand some of the key events and decisions that they made in their high school years.

I wouldn’t say that there’s a shocking twist, but at the start I thought that the narrative was going to go one way when it ended up juking in a different direction. The soft, sad voice of the unseen narrator made me think of Edith Finch and wishing that I got to go on a longer journey with her.

But hey, a free 30 minute game that made an impact is a sort of rare treasure these days. I’m not here to spoil it, because I think it deserves a recommendation and a playthrough if you like this sort of game.

2 thoughts on “Marie’s Room delivers a small but tantalizing tale

  1. For sure Edith Finch was what I thought of when I looked at that picture. Reminds me I still have to finish that game. Maybe I will If I ever get out of the firemaze in Hellblade.

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