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Syp’s gaming goals for January 2020

December 2019 in review

  • This month I was much more mindful of goals — and managed to accomplish all four of my projects by the 15th.
  • This meant that I wrapped up both FFXIV Heavensward and LOTRO Minas Morgul, both of which were fine, but I felt like it was time to put a bookmark in FFXIV and game elsewhere for a while.
  • I also finished The Outer Worlds and my retro gaming project Fallout New Vegas. Both made by Obsidian! It was actually pretty neat to play them both in parallel for a while there. Makes you appreciate how the studio has developed.
  • With a lot of time left on the clock, I didn’t get a jump on January goals but instead had fun going through my gaming backlog just trying out different titles. I played some Rimworld (because Rimworld is always amazing), Marie’s Room, Yes Your Grace demo, The Sims 4, and Into the Breach.

January 2020’s gaming goals

  • Last month was a trial run for a different way I wanted to structure my gaming time, which I think went very well indeed. The idea was to be more goal-focused than laying down loose “I sorta kinda want to do something” in my time. I enjoy having concrete goals as well as the idea of switching up my games on a monthly basis.
  • So the format that I’m going to try, at least for now, is to focus on four games per month: One cornerstone MMORPG (which will be LOTRO until further notice), one floating MMORPG (expansion, patch, game I haven’t played, etc.), one retro title, and one single-player title from my backlog.
  • In Lord of the Rings Online, I want to get my progression server Minstrel fully caught up, which means finishing The Great River and doing as much of Bingo Boffin as is available.
  • I let my Massively OP Podcast co-host pick my floating MMO this month, which is Star Wars Galaxies Legends. My goal is to spend a good amount of time on this emulator and see if I can make my way in a sprawling sandbox.
  • My backlog game is The Witcher 3. I know everyone’s playing it because of the TV series, but for me, it’s been in my backlog for a long time now and I want to really dig into it for my own interest.
  • My retro game is Toonstruck, because it’s Christopher Lloyd in a weird Roger Rabbit-like adventure land. That’s an irresistible pitch! It doesn’t look super-long, so if I can get it done in a month, that’d be great, but by mid-February at latest is my goal.

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