SWG: A disturbance in the Force

For January’s floating MMORPG pick, I let my MOP Podcast co-host Bree choose for me. I don’t know what I was expecting, since every other sentence from her either references Ultima Online or Star Wars Galaxies, but here I am in Star Wars Galaxes Legends, a post-NGE emulator that picked up the game after SOE abandoned it (or was forced to abandon, to be fair).

My only previous hands-on experience with SWG was a couple of sessions in 2010 — a full decade ago! — for an article that I wrote about somesuch or the other. I wasn’t really sold on the GLORY and MAJESTY that was Star Wars Galaxies back then, and there was SWTOR on the horizon, so I didn’t get much past the tutorial.

This month? I’m going to see what I can see, but I do want to root around in a galaxy far, far away and see what I can make of myself.

Getting Legends set up took more doing than your average live MMO. I had to download a whole bunch of files from an abandonware site, finagle my computer to accepting them as “discs,” set up an account, patch up, fiddle with administrator rights, and then… then I was logging in. To Star Wars Galaxies. In 2020.

What hit me right from the start was not only John Williams’ incredible score but the fact that SWG has a waaaaay better racial selection than SWTOR. Most of the picks are the more exotic alien races, including the somewhat disturbing Bothans (above).

Me? I had to go with ol’ Fish Eyes here. I ended up with this purple-and-lime pattern that I actually dug. It’s not a trap, it’s a fashion statement! I even watched all of the very old class videos before selecting Medic. It seemed self-sufficient for my purposes.

Here’s Syp Squid in her first moments of life, learning how to walk with the aid of the almighty WASD. I love how she looks like she’s in a blind panic all of the time.

Since this was after the NGE revamp of the game, the tutorial was redone to deliver a lot more in terms of fanservice. You get C3P0, R2D2, Chewie, and a Han Solo voice impersonator. They took me on the Falcon because I get VIP treatment in every MMO these days. Flying with the stars, I am.

While Han kept yelling at me to get into a gun turret to fight off some TIE fighters, I ignored him and enjoyed sitting in the captain’s seat for a few minutes. Random thought: Wouldn’t it be hard to free-fly the Falcon since the cockpit is off-center?

Another random thought: turret combat actually works. Space combat is something that SWG managed to pull off, and for the time, that was pretty impressive.

After the short tutorial, Syp Squid was plunked down onto a station and Han basically told me that he didn’t care if I helped the Empire or the Rebellion. Which seemed to be an odd statement, considering how we just gunned down Stormtroopers and TIE fighters. Maybe he likes stirring things up.

So check out this inventory screen, eh? Constantly rotating 3D objects and no paper doll. It’s… interesting if somewhat ugly.

One thought on “SWG: A disturbance in the Force

  1. Breetoplay January 7, 2020 / 9:14 am

    Justin! ❤ You can turn off the rotating objects in options (I find it nauseating too). You can hide the little person in your inventory too. There is a paper doll in the appearance window, not the inventory.

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