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SWG: That classic Star Wars feel

One thing that I definitely love about Star Wars Galaxies is that this — despite coming during the prequel movie season — feels totally like old school, original trilogy Star Wars. With the new movies and SWTOR’s Old Republic setting, I’ve missed the classic setting. Going into a cantina on the starter space station and hearing the familiar music ripped right from Mos Eisley tugged at the heartstrings.

Another neat touch is that the next set of quests I get seem to revolve around my class, encouraging me to get to know my role as a medic. I just thought we tossed people into giant lava lamps and called it a day, but I can spray people with magic pixie dust if need be.

I found a room filled with Black Sun slicers and went nuts for 20 minutes or so, getting a feel for SWG’s combat. It’s… a bit old and a bit janky and way too clicky. Similar to DDO, this is pseudo action combat where you keep having to click to attack — and in the beginning, that’s all you can do. Target, clickclickclickclick, and hopefully win. At level 4, I got a Vital Strike skill that gave me a nice opening attack. Think I’m a good doctor? Think again. I do harm all over the place.

I don’t know if it’s just the Legends emulator or this is how SWG used to be, but the enemies float around at times and occasionally stutter and get wildly crazy. It’s definitely not the smooth type of MMO combat I’m used to, but more in line with, say, Anarchy Online.

After proving my worth as a medic — and getting some pristine white duds as proof — the next step is to try to get off the station. That means helping Han fix the Falcon, a problem which is exacerbated by the presence of Fan Service. Er, I mean, Boba Fett, who is just hanging out in the cantina like he’s a level 1 noob with no idea where to go. For the record, I’ve never been the biggest Boba Fett fan, although the Mandalorian is pretty awesome.

Of COURSE you’d devote one of your three only floors in a space station to a giant garden with flying things. That’s just common sense.

To its credit, the game does give you a choice to leave the station after fixing the Falcon if you’re antsy, but I chose to stay on for other missions. Don’t make me leave my safe little bubble just yet!

Actually, after running through a few of the ones offered on the station, I found myself growing restless. They really aren’t anything to write home — or you! — about, and the station/cave aesthetic struck me as pretty dull. I wanted to get a planet under my feet, so I ran over to Han and said, “Han, old buddy… PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HEREEEEEEE.” It’s amazing what blubbering begging from a giant fish-creature will get you.

2 thoughts on “SWG: That classic Star Wars feel

  1. Have you tried SWG Emu? The combat is less jittery. Although it has no hand-holding like SWG post-CU does.

    How is the population in SWG Legends?

  2. Huh…I definitely remember having an auto attack as a Brawler and later Teras Kasi Artist. I always used two or three combat arts and then quickly equipped a vibro knuckler and let auto attack do the rest.

    Seems weird to me that melee has auto attack and ranged doesn’t…or did they change that for the version you’re playing?

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