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SWG: On to Tatooine

Obviously, I don’t know a lot about Star Wars Galaxies and enjoy going into this relatively blind, but one thing that tripped me up is that I have no idea if planets are level-agnostic or if you’re supposed to get a choice or something at the start? All I know is that when I talked to Han Solo, he brought me straight to Tatooine without any other option. I guess that’s okay; it’s an iconic Star Wars planet (though not my personal fave).

And at least the spot right outside of the spaceport was positively bustling with player activity, especially compared to the quiet newbie station. There were even two Jedi fighting some oversized Stormtrooper, with the Rebels declaring their comradery after the battle concluded in their favor. Another Stormtrooper was recruiting for a guild and everyone looked far more fashionable than my fish-lady in a turban.

I figured that the best thing I could do to get my footing was to continue to follow questlines and take encounters as they came. As the above picture demonstrates, I’m still trying to figure out the con system in this game. One would think I could take on these little bug-things, but nope, they wiped me out in two hits. The Tuskan raiders? I was swarmed by three and lived, so go figure that power ratio.

I was very appreciative that this first quest chain resulted in the gift of a landspeeder. Nostalgia! Hey, it’s nice to get a mount right away in this high-tech universe, and even more nice when the next quest gives you the ability to change your vehicle’s colors:

I wanted it to match the purple-and-lime green of my Mon Calimari. Hey, at least it makes me happy, even if it blinds everyone else.

I wanted to take a break from questing for a minute and just, y’know, hang out with the community. See what this famed SWG scene was all about. But the map overlay in this game is… well, you can see it above. It’s perfect for giving one headaches but not ideal for actual navigation.

Even so, eventually I found the Mos Eisley cantina, sadly lacking in lightsabered-off arms and Wookiees in dark corners. But there was a rocking party going on, and I spent some time checking out the sights and pontificating on how you don’t ever see this many players in MMO taverns elsewhere. Guess that’s what you get when you actually design a game’s systems around socializing.

I… may have danced. A bit. Just trying to fit in, you know?

So is this a guitar or a hookah? I was too intimidated to ask this Wookiee for clarification. At least it was a fun show and a good respite for the evening.

2 thoughts on “SWG: On to Tatooine

  1. You’re bringing back some nice memories for me — SWG was my 1st MMO. I’d actually stopped playing it before the Combat Upgrade came out, much less the NGE, though I did do a brief foray in to the NGE a few years later.

    In the early days I was a Dancer/Teras Kasi split. Worked out quite well as the dancer actually had some evasion bonuses that stacked with the TKM stuff. I eventually changed to a “Gun Fu” pistol build that was completely combat-oriented, but that was later.

    Post-NGE when I poked around I chose to convert my character to Jedi. It was fine. Taken on its own, the NGE was a perfectly serviceable and enjoyable MMO, it’s just that (other than the graphics and setting) it was absolutely *not* the same game that I’d originally fallen in love with. And that’s why the NGE killed it — the people who liked the original didn’t like that they were now playing a completely new game, and nobody who wasn’t already playing cared to start up. That ship had already sailed.

    Such is life, no?

  2. In re: levels — initial game Naboo, Corellia, and Tattooine were considered starter planets. Corellia was slightly higher in difficulty, but not much. Talus (am I remembering that name correctly?) was the 1st of the “adventure planets” with Dantooine and Lok being slightly harder than Talus, and then Endor, Yavin IV, and Dathomir being the “hard” zones. There may have been other worlds, but it’s been so long I just don’t remember.

    Post NGE I seem to recall there were level ranges for all of them that were labeled on the star map, plus the expansions added in a few more worlds. I seem to recall playing on Kashyyyk for a bit to get some … starfighter part, perhaps? So that would mean it wasn’t a terribly high-level place.

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