SWG: I’m nobody special

Now that the new Star Wars trilogy is complete, I feel comfortable in saying that the First Order never really felt like the threat that the Empire did in the original trilogy. I mean, the Empire wasn’t fully explained or anything, but it made a lot more sense than the FO when you sit down to think about it. And everything the new trilogy did was really just a “bigger, more threatening” version of the original movies. Like Star Destroyers. Such a simple shape, but they still look so menacing when viewed orbiting overhead on Tatooine.

I might be no one special — aww, where are my sympathy hugs? — but a tutorial guide sees potential in my weird fish face anyway. Quick, Future Hero, go find out where the cantina is! And the bank! And the auction house! The fate of the Rebellion depends on it!

The sight of various players clearly enjoying their favorite MMO home is what brought a spark of warmth into my heart as I ran around. It’s all loud and chaotic, but gosh darn it, there’s some fun being had.

Lots of guilds recruiting, too. If I was planning on staying for longer than a month, I’d probably sign up for one. Don’t want to get their hopes up, though! They’d be so broken if I joined just to leave.

At least Star Wars Galaxies transcended the tired tropes of MMORPG quest design, what with your “kill ten rats” and all…

Remember that part of A New Hope where Mos Eisley was evacuated because of the rat problem? Remember that? It was in a deleted scene, I could swear.

At least I got to cruise around in my purple-and-green landspeeder, admiring some views of the town from the hills.

The main quest line, so far, is nothing too out of the ordinary for various MMOs. At least it’s reliable and relaxing — go toward the shining pillar of light, click on some stuff, and kill everything. I still can’t get over how disconnected the combat is from what’s happening on screen, but it’s functional enough to be serviceable if not enjoyable.

One thought on “SWG: I’m nobody special

  1. I tried a free demo of SWG back in the day. It was round about the time that ADSL internet connections became available in the UK. However, I can remember precious little about the game. I recall getting lost on some planet and not being able to figure out how to travel to another. I had not played other MMOs at that point so many of the systems were lost on me.

    Part of me does wants to try it again but I suspect I would find it a frustrating experience. Being a MMO from a certain era, I’m sure many of the mechanics and systems won’t be like those you find in say ESO. Plus I look at the screenshots you’ve taken and a voice in my head just screams “antialiasing, where are you?”

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