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Neverwinter: Portals to hell make the best selfie moments

After flipping between new characters and alts in my return to Neverwinter, I finally settled on leveling up a new Dwarf Chaos Warlock. I don’t think I really gave this class much of a shot before, because if I had, I would have realized how great it handles. I’ve really come to love it, a nice mix of durability, AOE spells, and ranged casting. With pets.

And now that I’m level 37 (as I write this), I can say with some degree of confidence that I want to see this character through the game. I’m doing stuff I haven’t ever done in Neverwinter before — specifically campaigns — now that I’ve done research into how to play the game and best use my time in it.

The first campaign that you can access in Neverwinter is Acquisitions Incorporated, a relatively new campaign that was done in collaboration with the Penny Arcade folk. You can see their stamp all over the series, including their art, voices, and humor. I like humor in my MMOs, to be honest. Sometimes they take themselves too seriously.

This one? Not so serious. The orientation quest for AI included riding a cart through a theme park dark ride experience, although it doesn’t quite go to plan. As a huge fan of dark rides, I was all about this quest — and a little sad that it aborts the ride early on.

At least it kept me chuckling and looking at the various details in these quests. Neverwinter sometimes surprises me with its environmental storytelling, although it can be easy to miss it when you focus on following the sparkle trail with tunnel vision.

Also, I learned the difference between real gold and fake gold. They’re both worth something? Fake gold is surprisingly expensive, or so I’m told.

As far as I can figure, campaigns are basically a whole bunch of dailies that you grind out to get currency that can power up a reward track on the UI. Since the rewards — gear and stat boons — are pretty desirable, it’s worth doing. Just a lot of time gating and patience involved.

No story behind this picture — I just liked how my character looked in the red light and shadows.

So yeah, it’s going pretty great in Neverwinter. I don’t think it quite has the “meat” that I look for in MMOs, but it’s a really great game to sit back and relax while playing at the end of a busy day.

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