Toonstruck: Flushing for fish

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1996’s Toonstruck. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

We begin today’s jaunt in Toonstruck by flushing for fish. In Zanydu, obviously. I love how casual Drew takes all of the weirdness of this world. He understands cartoon rules, being a cartoonist, so I guess that all makes sense.

I mean, if you know cartoon rules, you’ll know how easy it is to kill a vulture by feeding it poison meat. ‘Course, you could do that to normal, non-cartoon vultures as well, but we here at Bio Break do not condone killing the most majestic of birds.

So yeah, lots of bouncing back and forth between areas to use one item to get another. And also to infect my brain with scenes that I dearly wish I could scrub clean. Punisher Polly, why won’t you get out of my nightmares?

Because I love you so much and I know how sensitive you are to spoilers, I won’t reveal the AMAZING SECRET that is locked away in this cupboard. But it is. Truly amazing, I mean. Would blow. your. mind. if you only knew. Whew! So amazing!

For the final ingredient for the Cutifier, Drew and Flux have to do some serious bowling in the Malevolands. This involves making a “bear trap” (gluing a bowling ball to a bear) and then bowling for a strike using Flux as the ball. Eh, whatever works. And as Flux said, “For a minute there I was afraid you’d have to shoot me out of your butt!” Er… what now?

This right here is the ultimate goal of the first part of the game — to collect and assemble 12 items into the Cutifier. They’re all pun opposites of what’s in the Malevolator, such as a roasting spit to the Malevolator’s polish.

So the good news is that Drew and Flux are able to use the machine to reverse all of the damaging effects that Nefarious did to Cutopia. The bad news? It turns out that King Hugh has gone a little off his rocker… well, a LOT off his rocker. He orders Drew to use the machine to turn every land cute, including Zanydu and the Malevolands — and Hugh won’t help Drew get home until he does it. Drew refuses, and Hugh unmasks to reveal that he’s…

Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun! OK, I saw the “Hugh being evil” thing coming, but not the fact that he was actually a bunny (who apparently kidnapped and imprisoned the real King Hugh). In the ensuing 10 minute cutscene, Flux gets zapped and gets a mental transformation, Drew goes on the run from the guards, Nefarious’ minions show up, and Drew gets kidnapped and brought to Nefarious’ castle.

And that’s not the end of it! Seriously, it’s a very long mid-game cutscene. Nefarious shows up to taunt Drew and attempt to turn him over to his cause. Drew discovers that he’s been injected with a serum that will transform him into a toon himself (which is a weird counterpoint to Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s mystery dip) — and to make matters worse, Nefarious’ number two, Miss Fortune, hypnotizes Drew and gets him to tell them where the Cutifier is and what Drew intends to do to escape. It’s certainly a very dark moment for our heroes!

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