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Can Book of Travels give me a road trip experience?

You best believe that in 2020, I am following the development of Book of Travels very closely. It’s not just that I spent a bit on the Kickstarter and hope to get in for the early access launch later this year, but that I am extremely curious to learn more about the shape and form of this “tiny” MMO.

Perhaps what’s of greatest interest to me is if this game can provide, even in part, something that I miss from most modern MMOs — the experience of going on a lengthy quest, both in terms of distance and length. A good road trip, in other words. The modern MMO is all about quest hubs and fulfilling objectives very close to “home” without much in the way of travel, development, and resolution. You’re doing things, a lot of things, but it’s very far removed from the road trips that we see in fantasy movies and in novels — and even in single-player RPGs.

I love going on a road trip, real or virtual, because the sensation of moving, of constantly discovering some new place is heady. That’s what I’m hoping that Book of Travels will provide, because from what I’ve read from the developers, this definitely seems like a game where you’re encouraged just to go out into the world and travel it, bumping into encounters here and there.

Last week the developers revealed the “endeavours” system, which sounds a little bit like public quests in that they’re encountered in the wild (versus a quest hub) and may require multiple people to complete. From the few examples of the four types of endeavors, these are striving to offer roleplay flavor and world interaction beyond mere combat. That seems pretty flexible to me.

In any case, we are definitely a ways out from playing Book of Travels, so I probably shouldn’t be dwelling too much on it right now or else I’ll find myself frustrated by a lack of game to play at the present. But I do hope that there’s a fun road trip waiting for me down the line.

2 thoughts on “Can Book of Travels give me a road trip experience?

  1. While you wait for Book of Travels to be developed, I don’t know if you’ve ever come across this idea, but it did recently just occur to me.

    One can go on many multiple “virtual” road trips using Google Street View. Literally pick nearly anywhere in the world on Google Maps, turn on Street View and trundle around for a while to see what the country looks like there. Follow along the roads for as long as desired. Some guy actually did a cross country road trip across the US one click at a time, which is a little more perseverance I’m capable of, but interesting to read about.

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