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WoW Classic: The pitter-patter of little feet

I guess my self-imposed exile from World of Warcraft ended the other day as I found myself stumbling into WoW Classic due to a desire to… I don’t know? I guess I’m craving that old fashioned MMORPG experience, and as much as I’m getting it from LOTRO, it’s nice to have some variation.

Instead of picking up a previous character, I started over on Alliance with a Gnome Warlock. She kind of has this deer-caught-in-headlights look, but it’s her dark magic that counts. The Warlock always seems like a very safe choice with the legacy version of the game, with its greater survivability and wide toolset. Plus pets. Plus, Gnome!

You know you’re deep in Gnome country when you’re fighting trolls and some rando Gnome runs up and — instead of helping — does his weird little Gnome dance for your battle entertainment.

I quickly got to work getting through the newbie area (which, let’s be honest, I could probably do with my eyes closed). It’s always thrilling to start out with so very little and realize that you have to make your way with money, bags, spells, and all the rest. I was a little bummed that no 6-slot bags dropped that first night, but it’s OK. I shall prevail.

This area more than any other in the game holds such a wealth of nostalgia for me. For little moments here and there, I’m transported back to the wonder that I felt in 2004, that excitement over finally being able to get into this MMO. This was the first place I ever saw, and the snowy valley feels like home because of it. Even with the cruder graphics, there’s still a beauty when it’s all taken together, so great props to Blizzard’s art team back in the day.

It was a slower pace of combat, but I enjoyed pushing myself to nail down the best beginner rotation. I made it a priority to get the imp pet ASAP — which I thought was at level 6 but I got here at level 3 so what do I know? — and then began pulling two to three mobs at a time. The only time I died that first night was when the cave boss spawned on top of my head when my pet was dead and I was low on mana.

In a stroke of great fortune, I stumbled into a welcoming and friendly guild almost from the get-go. It’s not a huge guild, but there were a dozen on of varying levels (no greater than 38) all chatting about this and that. Hogger runs and gold generation and the like. The guild master and I bonded over our notions of superiority (both of us being Gnome Warlocks).

Long term goals? Eh, I’m not setting them. Thinking of the endgame in WoW Classic is a non-starter for me; there’s very little waiting for me at level 60 other than to just get to level 60. But at the very least, I can consider the journey a possible hedge against a future Burning Crusade/Lich King server that allows for transfers. That’s a weird long shot, but at the very least I should have some fun in the meantime.

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