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Sunday Serenade: Ashe, Brandy Clark, Kim Wilde, and more!

Time for another Sunday morning dose of random songs that I’ve been listening to this past week! Welcome to Sunday Serenade — now let’s crank the jams up with…

“Long Walk” by Brandy Clark — I’m starting to think she maybe doesn’t think the world of this person. Just a hunch.

“Monsters” by Katie Sky — This one had to do some work to win me over, but win it did in the end. I think it’d be a really good song to sing along with.

“Sir Ghostington” by Ghost ‘n’ Ghost — Dang, it’s hard NOT to dance to this one!

“Chequered Love” by Kim Wilde — For my life, it sounds like she’s singing about “chicken love” and that makes the song way better.

“Moral of the Story” by Ashe — Such a well-written and amazingly handled song that, on occasion, is more fast talking than actual singing. It’s like a short story bundled into a song, and I listened to it several times in a row upon finding it.

“Growing Pains Theme” by TV Tunes Acapella — I have a particular fondness for 1980s sitcom themes. So cheesy. So fun to sing along with.

“KDrive Race Music A” from Warframe — I’m prepping a Warframe music article, and this poppy industrial song caught my ear.

“Please Don’t Go” by KWS — Man, this is a forgotten guilty pleasure!

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