Divinity OS2: If someone asks you if you’re an undead necromantic abomination from another era of history, you say YES

One title that’s been weighing on my backlog more than others is Divinity Original Sin 2. It’s not even that it was a gift from a generous reader (although that’s part of it), but that this looks like a meaty, story-rich RPG that I would love. I just needed to carve out 100 hours or so of my time to get through it.

Or, you know, 200 half-hour segments over the better part of a year.

In any case, over the last few weeks I have been making my way through Fort Joy and the starting island in this game. Out of the six starting characters, I went with Fane, because who wouldn’t want to be a skeleton with necromantic powers from an ancient civilization? That’s by and far more interesting than all of the other characters’ backstories, so there we go.

Readers with greater memories than mine may recall that I did try DOS2 a while back and didn’t get very far into it. I have greater hopes this time around, partially because somewhere along the way the dev team released an update for the “definitive edition” that comes with a lot of improvements and bells and whistles. It doesn’t seem that much different than before, but I’ll trust that they ironed out some of the rougher parts. I did select “explorer” for my difficulty level, which is not quite the easiest mode but it’s down there.

My reasoning for this is that DOS2’s combat just takes forever. It’s a turn-based RPG where each encounter might take five or more minutes to play through. That offers a lot of strategy and tactics, but it’s slow as crap and is not something I’ll want to repeat many times over to beat particular mobs. Another nice thing about this difficulty level is that you can raise any killed allies after combat without having to worry about stockpiling rez scrolls.

Probably my only other major quibbles with the game so far is the camera, which I keep having to rotate due to the game’s large landscape graphics (which results in me getting disoriented) and a pretty crappy map (which lacks quest markers). If a game’s going to be in a pulled-back camera mode, it might as well lock into an isometric viewpoint like Pillars of Eternity.

What does keep me going is that the characters — both in the world and in my party — are downright fascinating, the dialogue is really well written, and there are so many odd things that happen that I keep wanting to explore to see what else is out there. You don’t get much better than finding a squirrel riding a skeleton cat and acting like a knight. I have no idea what the story is around these two, but they’re following me around and that’s cool with me.

I did make sure to grab the feat that lets me talk to pets, because there are so my bizarrely wonderful conversations you can get into with animals.

Probably the most touching of these is Buddy, a dog who lost his best friend Emmie when she was taken away to be trained as a Source Hound. I was really excited to find Emmie later on and let her know that Buddy is still out there, waiting for her. Doggie love!

At least I’ve been able to get further into the game — past Fort Joy — than I did previously. There was a really creepy section where my party tore through an underground torturer’s playground, and my party’s skills are starting to shape up as each combat encounter gets easier to handle. I am picking this one feat for all of my party members that turns their allies into zombies if they die in a fight, because that is awesome. You kill me? BAM, now I’m back in zombie form. Big mistake. Big.

2 thoughts on “Divinity OS2: If someone asks you if you’re an undead necromantic abomination from another era of history, you say YES

  1. bhagpuss March 19, 2020 / 10:28 am

    “Another nice thing about this difficulty level is that you can raise any killed allies after combat without having to worry about stockpiling rez scrolls.” Really? I’m playing on Explorer and I don’t have that. I have to use rez scrolls that I find or buy or craft.

    I talked to Buddy too and he didn’t mention Emmie at all. Unlike you, I don’t find the dialog particularly well-written. Competent, yes, but rarely more than generic fantasy. The voice acting is better but once again not really much above genre norms. I do like Malady a lot – very nuanced voicework there – and Beast is generally reliable. Fane, the undead guy, seems very bland to me. I have him and he’s useful but I haven’t really paid any attention to his maunderings.

    The camera is abysmal. I changed a few things in options to make it bearable but it’s bearly bearable at that. The graphics are gorgeous so it’s very annoying not to be able to see them most of the time.

    As for the fights – five minutes??? About the shortest I ever do take three times that long and many last an hour. Fortunately I’ve had very few do-overs – or i didn’t in the Fort Joy segment. The next part is way, way harder, to the point that I feel I must have missed an entire stage. Every encounter has two or three times more mobs than my team and all of them are several levels higher and have hugely better stats. Explore difficulty is not making it manageable, let alone easy.

  2. Syp March 19, 2020 / 12:11 pm

    It’ll work — just use your bedroll after combat and your guys will rez.

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