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Blapril wants YOU to fight against homebound boredom!

We’re about two weeks, more or less, into this bizarre homebound isolating quaratine to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Even if you’re a practiced introvert, as I am, it’s wearing to not have the option to go out and do other things and stressful to have this cloud of fear and uncertainty of the future hovering overhead. I’m finding that it’s more important than ever to be focused on projects and goals that I can influence and accomplish, and with that in mind, I invite you to join me in participating in this year’s Blapril blogging initiative.

While it’s usually called Blaugust and scheduled for late summer, Belghast moved this annual project up to next month due to the actual need for a really good distraction and a way for us as a gaming and writing community to socialize and collaborate. The basic idea is to get everyone writing on a blog, hopefully at the pace of one post a day (but it’s up to the individual to determine this). New bloggers can get help getting into the scene, experienced bloggers are welcome to become mentors, and everyone enjoys a shot of added visibility and promotion.

I think this is a great idea for right now and I hope you’ll join me in blogging — even if you’re just trying it out for a month! Here are Bel’s instructions how to get started:

  • The first step is to fill out the Sign-Up Form for Blapril 2020 which can be found hereOnly those who have signed up will be given credit towards the awards.
  • Next make sure you are active on the Blaugust Discord and the link for that can be found here. This is the third year we have been active on Discord and it is a community that has managed to stay evergreen throughout the years. Maybe even share your content each day in the appropriately named “share-your-content” channel.
  • When you share your content on social media please use the hashtag #Blapril2020 for tracking purposes and to make it easier for those watching the event to find fresh content.
  • Mingle with your other Mentors and Participants because this is a community event, and part of the fun is getting to know the community. These folks represent a social structure that you can lean on for advice in the coming years. I personally deeply value my ties with other bloggers that I have built up over the last decade of doing this thing.
  • If you are so inclined there is a “gaming-together” channel on Discord for impromptu grouping in various games while the event is going on.
  • Welcome to Blapril 2020 as we use the power of internet togetherness to help combat those negative side effects of social distancing.
  • If you want an archive of all of the various logos and such, check out the Media Kit page which is the final resting place of all Blaugust and now Blapril related media.

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