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Blapril 2020: Taking up the blogging pen

This post is part of the game community collaborative blogging project known as Blapril. Find out more about Blapril, including how you can get connected and involved, over at Tales of the Aggronaut.

As our household has been adjusting to teaching kids at home, we’ve been reorganizing our house into a semi-educational facility. Getting the kids connected to devices that they could use for distance learning was important, and so we dusted off a pair of chromebooks that have been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. My daughter immediately took possession of one, not for internet use or gaming, but to write. She’s got the writing bug BAD, and now we find her sitting on the couch, furiously typing away at pages and pages of her first book.

It’s great to see that writing bug bite her, because I know exactly how that feels. Ever since I’ve been a kid, I loved to write. I’ve gotten my writing fix doing movie reviews, writing horrid books no one will ever read, writing for Massively OP, writing here on Bio Break, doing sermons, and so on. It just pours out of me, day after day, to the point where it’s not a hardship at all to write. My writing “muscle” is strong and I have the pleasure of being able to write about subjects that interest me.

But just because you like to write or have an interest in writing doesn’t mean it’s going to come effortlessly at the start. One of the great things about blogging is that it’s an ongoing project. You don’t just show up for a couple of days, hammer out paragraphs of brilliance, and then leave it forever. Ideally, it’s a treadmill of expression, observation, and ideas, always moving, always asking you to contribute more. And that’s what develops that writing muscle and feeds that writing bug. I’m mixing metaphors, but you understand me.

Every time we have a Blaugust — or, in this year’s case, Blapril — us experienced game bloggers try to convince people to jump in and try it out for a while. To see if that writing bug can bite and if they can develop the passion and stamina for a continued presence. I love to read blogs over months and years, and so it’s always my greatest desire during these initiatives to have more people to read.

So my advice today, if you’re thinking about starting blogging or returning, is this: Set a pace. Set a routine. Understand that writing is easy and exciting for the first 10 paragraphs, crucially hard for the next 100 paragraphs, and then gradually easier again and more satisfying every paragraph past that. I don’t spend gobs of time every week doing Bio Break because I have a routine, I have a set time that I write up these posts, and I’m always jotting down ideas for the next week. It was chaotic at first but now it’s relaxing and enjoyable, the way a good hobby should be.

I hope it’s the same for you, and if you’re not writing with us, I do hope you’ll be reading and supporting these blogs during April! Here is the still-being-updated list of participants:

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