Guild Wars 2: Dinking around without a purpose

Don’t mind my rampant jumping around between MMORPGs these days, I’m obviously going through something and these games are my therapy. It’s not so much a restlessness as a desire to explore my old roster of favorites and see if any of them are ready for my interest. Neverwinter, then WoW Classic, and now… Guild Wars 2.

I’ve been routinely logging into GW2 every night for months now to grab free goodies, but I hadn’t moved from the same spot where I had started Heart of Thorns and hadn’t gotten too far into it. But the other night, I decided what the heck, I’d at least grind out my basic glider mastery — yeah, I’m *that* far behind the pack.

Once I got the glider, I started to have a lot of fun with it. Sure, you can’t fly up, but it really changes how you interact with the world by being able to glide short and long distances. I’m finding that the glider has a lot of functionality. I can use it as a parachute to do a long drop safely, I can hop between rooftops, I can get to vistas with ease if I have a higher vantage point from which to begin, and I can simply have fun jumping off and soaring over the land. It’s not quite WildStar’s double-jump, but it’s so good that I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to get it.

Between the glider and reconnecting with my old characters, I decided that I might as well go all-in on Guild Wars 2 — at least for the time being. Having another expansion in the works at least has the psychological effect of feeling more secure in the game’s future, which is not something anyone could say over the past year.

I flip-flopped for a while between my Necromancer and Engineer, but ultimately went with my Engie for flamethrowers, turrets, and aesthetics. I was thinking about the elite specializations that are out there, and sure, I might try them at some point, but I pretty much have the kind of character build I want. Flipping between dual pistols and flamethrower offers me enough variety for combat, especially when I have elixirs and turrets and toolbelt skills to throw into the mix.

So what now? It’s that period of getting reacquainted with a title, figuring out where you were last, how your rotation works, if any of the patches changed anything that you now have to learn, finding a new guild, and so on. I’m trying to wrap my head around what I’d want my goals to be in the game. I’m never going the route of legendary weapons (maybe ascended? I don’t know), and my character’s gear and build are pretty set. I guess what’s left is the story missions and expansions, mastery tracks, making money, getting more cosmetics, and generally dinking around.

At least the play sessions so far are very relaxing. I’ve been world mapping, and I have tons of missions to do when I want to change up my focus. For now, it’s all about messing with the glider as I explore and uncover.

5 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Dinking around without a purpose

  1. I actually logged in for the first time in roughly 18 months last night. I felt like I needed something to just randomly dink around in that’s completely different and detached from anything else I’m doing. I basically just ran around doing whatever because I had no idea how I was supposed to be playing my class or what gear I was supposed to have and I couldn’t figure out how to reach the quest area I’m supposed to be headed to, which is also HoT, but slightly further ahead. I’ve had time to pick up a few other masteries in addition to the basic glider, but have plenty to go yet.

    That’s actually one of the reasons I chose GW2, because if I just randomly wander around I will inevitably encounter something I haven’t done and will receive some small meaningful progress for completing it. I don’t even need other players for most of them. I was enjoying the rather calm and laid back pace of wandering around exploring and navigating the environment.

  2. If you like the glider now, wait until you get all the masteries. Gliding in Verdant Brink is the best flight experience I’ve had in any MMO. Even now I sometimes log in there to do a daily and find myself just hopping thermals and gliding for half an hour or more, just for the sheer joy of it.

  3. If you enjoy the glider, my suggestion for the next goal is -mounts-.

    Unlocking all the expanded movement possibilities should keep you extremely busy, from the easy ones to the significantly longer term ‘flying’ ones.

  4. I second Jeromai’s suggestion. Scooter and I are up to Jackals (4th), while the story just barely required skimmers(3rd). Some of the mount specials seem highly situational, but overall, they’re a fun addition.

    Having said that, like Bhagpuss, I do love gliding. It’s a far more instinctive game mechanic (as you say, basically a double jump), than having to stop and decide which mount will get me past a given obstacle. Sometimes too instinctive, as I sometimes glide at just the wrong time in the middle of a jumping puzzle.

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