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Guild Wars 2: The aerodynamics of spinny cubes

If I haven’t made it clear enough, I love having goals. Setting goals, working toward goals, and achieving goals is the engine that sends me into action in all aspects of my life. I’m not always super-successful in what I do, but I find more satisfaction in having the guidance that goals provide than just aimlessly doing whatever.

And that definitely applies to gaming. I see in myself a marked difference in gaming without any goals and having ones that I’m working toward. There are goals that the game sets for me and those I choose for myself, however, and I like a bit of both.

Guild Wars 2 strikes me as a game that leans more toward the latter type of goal-setting. You can go through the story content or not. You can map zones or not. You can chase legendaries or not. You can play fashion guru, go raiding, join in with guild missions, and head off to Reddit to be grumpy. Lots of options there. I’m finding the most enjoyment in day-to-day establishment of short-term goals, such as “finish one living world chapter” or “completely explore this zone,” and then going after it until it’s done. It’s not so huge as to take me months, just one or two play sessions.

One goal that I set for myself was to upgrade my glider skin from the default one that looks like a bunch of dirty toilet paper stitched together. I swear, ArenaNet made that thing ugly on purpose so we’d be fleeing toward the cash shop to buy better-looking ones. Smart business model. The only thing was, our family is pinching pennies right now, so I’m not spending money on games.

The only other option, then, was to make enough money to buy gems to buy cash shop stuff. That was doable. I sat down and emptied out my bank of various materials and ran an “everything must go!” fire sale. Within a half-hour, I had enough gold to get the skin that I wanted, and now I’m flying with the power of spinny cubes. Don’t ask me how that works, it just does. Thanks, goals!

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: The aerodynamics of spinny cubes

  1. It’s a very interesting game to be sure. My initial goal was to just chip away at HoT a little at a time, but I’m either doing something wrong or reached a point where it’s “do these things over and over again” to unlock new masteries so I can get to or do new stuff.

    I decided instead to go back and level my guardian by doing exactly what you suggest. Chip away at each zone one little checkbox at a time. No clear rhyme or reason, just “oh look, a piece of candy”-ing my way through. The assumption being that I will eventually reach HoT and all the boxes will be unchecked again.

    Glider skin is relatable too. I unlocked a Mordrem Glider somehow, somewhere that I use instead of default. Still ugly though, and does *not* look aerodynamic.

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