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Introverting, gaming, and COVID-19

I have deliberately refrained from talking about the COVID-19 outbreak and societal isolation because, well, it’s everywhere, it’s stressing people out, and I do try to keep this a light and fluffy gaming blog. Suffice to say that the past three weeks have been like living in a different world that’s similar but not quite to what we used to have.

One topic that I’ve seen raised, first jokingly and then seriously, is that introverts are having an easier time of this social distancing and quarantining than extroverts. I haven’t seen any introverts get truly mean with this, but I have witnessed more than a few self-satisfied remarks about how we were far more prepared to be cut off from civilization than all of the chatty, touchy, groupy people. Heck, I might have made a few of these myself, but never to be nasty about it.

And I think it’s actually true. “The world generally has been a place where extroverts are rewarded and introverts get a side-eye,” says the above article, and boy isn’t that the truth. Being more on the introverted side of the spectrum (fun fact: more ministers tend to be introverted than extroverted, even though we deal with a lot of people), I’ve always felt as if *I* had to adapt to an extrovert’s world instead of the other way around. And now we’re seeing the opposite, where extroverts have to adapt to the part of the world in which we introverts feel the most comfortable.

Getting away from the us-vs-them theme, I have to say that the actual social distancing isn’t, for the most part, a great burden for me. I enjoy being alone, especially when I work, and most of the activities that I enjoy — reading, biking, cooking, writing, gaming, walking — can be done solo but also with the option of adding other people into the mix. I have my family for immediate social connection and plenty of ways via technology to reach out and connect with others if and when I need that. And yeah, I do need that, just not as frequently as an extrovert does.

My gaming and recreation time hasn’t changed much at all, despite the stay-at-home orders. I’m still keeping to the same work schedule that I always have (routine is very important to me) and evening time has become more family time where we do some sort of game or activity together. I don’t need to regress into a cocoon of gaming to self-soothe or isolate myself any further, in any case. All things in moderation.

The way I look at it, the real struggle of day-to-day life is between things that are changing from the norm and things that stay the same. Clinging to what is stable and unchanging helps to ground me, so I take great solace in my faith in an unchanging God as well as relief that things like writing, podcasting, and gaming continue more or less as they were a month ago.

In any case, we’re in for at least another month of this strange new reality, and I hope that all of those reading this are coping well. Hang in there, keep busy, keep focused on projects, and look to the grace and blessings that you do have. We’re in it together, and knowing that helps.

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