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Blapril 2020: Coming up with topic ideas for your gaming blog

Keeping a blog alive isn’t just about writing and promoting, it’s about idea generation. Everyone may have three or four really good ideas for posts, but after those are written up, what then? You gotta keep ideas coming and need to have them be interesting enough to both write and read about.

And that can be tough, especially at first. Going from not writing at all to churning out daily posts is a Herculean undertaking for most starting bloggers, which is why I’m not surprised we see some people flee back into obscurity at the end of these blog initiatives. But then there are those who get in the habit of generating and cultivating ideas, and once you get that process locked down — coming up with ideas, writing about ideas, and promoting posts — then you’ll have a system that is much easier to sustain.

So where to get ideas? Here’s a quick and dirty guide to how I come up with 5+ posts every week for Bio Break:

  • Constantly be taking screenshots in game and then write a post to sum up major accomplishments or interesting encounters in that game over the past week.
  • Whenever I’m gaming, if I start to think about a particular topic or issue or something pokes out at me in a significant way, I’ll jot that idea down in a short, temporary post to flesh out later.
  • I’ve established a loose schedule so that I know what I want to write about which days (Sundays are music posts, Wednesdays are retro gaming and podcast posts, etc.).
  • Giving a hot take of some game story that’s in the headlines.
  • Bouncing off of an idea or topic that other bloggers raised.
  • Making a list. Of something. Of anything. People like lists.
  • And when all else fails, going through the hundreds and hundreds of Daily Grind questions from Massively OP and answering one or more at length.

When you mix together personal observations, day-to-day gaming experiences, news headlines, and other voices in the blogosphere, there’s never a lack of things to write about. The important thing is to choose the BEST things that make you the most excited to post and run with those!

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