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Finishing up Elsweyr in Elder Scrolls Online

I’m doing a bit of personal facepalming here today, because I just now realized that I never actually finished writing a post sharing my accomplishment of finishing up the core Elsweyr expansion in Elder Scrolls Online. Oh, I had started a post and put pictures in it and everything, and then it got bumped off the front page of my drafts and drowned in a sea of forgetfulness.

Anyway, I finished it. Probably not the whole Elsweyr; I hear there’s another zone? I’m not quite up on ESO releases except to know that I’m way, way behind (which is the usual story). But I finished the main storyline and the sidequests to Northern Elsweyr, a feat that took me into some sort of bizarre alternate dimension where I had to fight two angry dragons in a long and boring boss battle.

Again, if ESO’s combat was practically anything but what it is now, I swear I’d make this game a mainstay in my household. The world building, the voice acting, the quest design, the housing — it’s all pretty great. But the combat is a canker sore in the middle of it all, robbing me of any enjoyment and replacing it with annoyance. I play despite the combat, not because of it.

Even though I felt that the story went off the rails of my comprehension toward the end there, it was suitably involving and nice in the eye candy department. I didn’t mind the land of the cat people at all, as they ended up being way more endearing than Morrowind’s dour elves.

I’m going to be stepping away from ESO for a while, in any case. There are other things that are interesting me more, but the siren call of the expansion might be what I need to come back some day. Not really for the vampires (ugh), but the northern climes of Skyrim are a big draw — and I’m hearing good things from testers right now.

Anyway, big applause for the world designers of Elsweyr. It’s probably my favorite desert region in an MMO, and that’s not praise that I dole out lightly. I guess it’s more savannah than pure desert, but it definitely has that Egyptian feel. Kind of expect Indiana Jones to run through on a cameo here and there.

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