Top Tens: My favorite TV sitcoms

Welcome to a new feature here on Bio Break — Top Tens! Every so often, I’ll be churning out a listicle that covers something of interest to me that I’d like to share with you. Today’s topic: My favorite TV sitcoms of all time.

  1. Bob’s Burgers — Forget the Simpsons, this is my animated family of choice. I usually close out every day by watching a quick episode with the Belchers and their amazing town of characters. While I can’t stand Linda, pretty much everyone else entertains me with (surprisingly) wholesome togetherness and quirks.
  2. Community — There aren’t enough words to let me properly gush about how much I love this innovative sitcom about adults going to a dinky community college. Great characters, pop culture dissection, and a different angle every week made these six seasons among my favorite to see over and over again.
  3. The Office — I don’t binge watch this like some people do, but I am deeply fond of this cast and the day-to-day weirdness of Dunder Mifflin. Unpopular opinion? I think Season 9 is better than 7 and 8 by far.
  4. Arrested Development — Forget the newer seasons, the first three classic seasons that aired on Fox were the best-scripted comedy of all-time. I’ve rewatched this show so many times and am still picking up on new gags!
  5. Parks and Recreation — Less cringy than The Office and a little more cartoonish. It’s just a terrific ensemble cast that had a strong run from seasons 2 through 7. I just finished rewatching this and I think I said on Twitter that P&R had the best finale that I’ve ever seen.
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine — Obviously I love Michael Shur’s library, and this did a great job capitalizing on Andy Samberg’s comedy style while introducing a wide range of supporting characters that are deeply funny in their own right. Joe Lo Truglio is deeply underappreciated for his physical body comedy.
  7. Futurama — Again, I prefer this over the Simpsons. The characters are more consistent, the futuristic setting is very unique, and I get a shot of sci-fi in with my comedy.
  8. New Girl — I think Zooey Deschanel’s manic pixie dream girl thing got old a while back, but happily New Girl quickly took the spotlight off of just her and made it far more of an ensemble comedy with so many likable and bizarre personalities.
  9. Happy Endings — It’s Friends, if Friends was way better and didn’t have Ross and Rachel and other people I hated with a passion. It’s such a shame this show didn’t get more acclaim; it’s really brilliant in its own way and deserved a lot more recognition.
  10. Better Off Ted — I agonized over the last spot on this list, because I did want to include shows like Modern Family, Scrubs, The IT Crowd, Black Books, Venture Bros., and 30 Rock. But I had to include the two-season Better Off Ted because it’s, start to finish, a light-hearted hoot that lampoons evil corporate culture without any downer episodes.

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