Chrono Trigger: A boy named Glenn

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1995’s Chrono Trigger. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

With the broken blade, the shattered hilt, and the dreamstone, the pieces are in place to reforge Aragorn’s sword and put him on the throne of Gondor. Er, I mean, to forge the Master Sword for Link to use to defeat Ganon. I’m sorry, no, it’s the Masamune to cheer up a depressed frog. I’m pretty sure it’s all the same story.

Frog is a little startled that the Crono Crew crossed space and time to reforge the Masamune, but even so, he goes, “Ah, yeah, I should probably think about this for a bit. GOOD NIGHT.” And cue cutscene…

Set in the past, the cutscene tells the tale of Cyrus, the head knight of the realm, who goes on a quest to reclaim the Hero’s Badge and see the legendary sword. He takes along his loyal squire, Glenn, and fights all manner of enemies. Naturally, he beats a giant frog creature and gains the badge.

Alas, upon clashing with Magus the Fiendlord, Cyrus’ Masamune breaks and he sacrifices himself to allow Glenn to escape. Glenn, however, tries to face down Magus by himself. In reponse, Magus transforms him into a giant frog… meaning that Frog is not the knight Cyrus, but his squire. At least all of this convinced Frog 10 years later to take up his boss’ sword and attempt to finish the job.

In another cutscene, we see how Cyrus defended Glenn even as young kids and that Glenn, while a great swordsman, struggled with fear during battles. It’s an interesting storytelling technique, to start at the end (a grown-up Frog as knight) and work backwards through time to the beginning of the tale. Appropriate for a time travel game, eh?

Something that’s new to me for this playthrough are the animated sequences, which I think were added for the DS version. They’re well-done, but after seeing a couple of these, I have to say that they feel unnecessary since they just copy when you’re also seeing in-game. I guess I just like my pixels more!

After all of that sword-forging and frog-convincing, the team finally arrives at the front door of Dracula’s the Fiendlord’s castle. Time for an epic showdown of epic epinosity!

The halls of this gothic castle are spookier for the fact that (a) there is no music and (b) no enemies at first. That… quickly changes as ghosts transform into monsters and magicians pop out of the woodwork to challenge our plucky heroes.

About this time, I’m starting to get characters into the level range where their second tier of magic opens up. This is wonderful, as it transforms single-target attacks into room-clearing blasts. That, plus Frog’s ability to heal the whole party in one go, makes combat much more simple (not that it was too hard to begin with).

Finally, finally, the Crono Crew faces off against the Fiendlord himself — Magus. It’s a tough, nail-biting fight, but ultimately the good guys prevail and Magus is cast down (but not killed). A new time gate is opened, and everyone falls through…

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