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Syp’s gaming goals for May 2020

April 2020 in review

  • As the COVID quarantine stretched on into its first full month, our family had to make some long-term adjustments in how we lived, taught, and worked. With my wife homeschooling and no need to be rushing around to shuttle the kids everywhere, I actually found myself with a bit more time on my hands than usual, allowing me to get more work and projects — and yes, a smidge more gaming — than normal.
  • It was, I’ll say, a pretty good gaming month. Starting with Lord of the Rings Online, I finished up Riders of Rohan on the progression server and caught up in the Bingo Boffin storyline on the same. I also fiddled with the idea of a new Captain, but nothing serious there.
  • I settled in for a longer stretch of Guild Wars 2 with the purchase of Path of Fire and the acquisition of a couple of mounts. While I started the month on my Engineer, I finished primarily playing my Necromancer.
  • My anticipation for Fallout 76: Wastelanders wasn’t, er, wasted — the expansion/new game experience drew me in big-time as I started over with a fresh character.
  • For Retro Gaming, I put some time into Dungeon Siege before going through the entirety of Space Quest V and starting into Space Quest 6 (posts to come in future months!).

May 2020 gaming goals

  • Update 26 is here, so I’m going to switch back to my Lore-master on the regular LOTRO server and work on getting her through it. I think end of June would be an appropriate goal for this, especially if I’m anticipating Helm’s Deep’s release in June/July.
  • I’m going to finish up the personal storyline and season 2 of Guild Wars 2 before most likely leap-frogging into Path of Fire with my Necro to focus on building up mount masteries. I also have an episode that I need to raise gems to unlock, so that’s a smaller goal there.
  • I’m hoping that Fallout 76 will continue to keep me entertained. I definitely want to get to level 20 to start in on the meat of the factional storylines, but I also need to start building my house. Lots to do there.
  • As for other games, there seems to be a whole lot of possibilities. Elder Scrolls Online is putting out a new expansion, World of Warcraft is gearing up for Shadowlands, and Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming out later in May. All are possibilities. I’m also considering some time in City of Heroes, Champions Online, and RIFT. Any of these will most likely be a gut call.
  • After Space Quest 6, my Retro Gaming series will revisit Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic!

Flashback to Mays of the past

2 thoughts on “Syp’s gaming goals for May 2020

  1. Such a neat idea to look back to the previous years to see what you were up to around the same time. I might use it for myself. I even went ahead and read some of those articles from your retrospective. Brought a lot of memories back, thank you!

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