Fallout 76: Beating friendship into you

I feel that this time around in Fallout 76, I’m playing the game much differently than before. For starters, I got these sweet bottlecap sunglasses that I never, ever want to take off. For another thing, I’m mostly just following questlines and exploring locales along the way instead of trying to be a completionist. I’m also engaging more with the perk system than I did before, trying to build the kind of character that fits my playstyle.

Probably the greatest frustration that I’m encountering isn’t thirst or huger — it’s inventory limitations. It’s just way too easy to load up on so much stuff that your become overencumbered and then can’t fast travel. I have to keep an eye on weight and make frequent trips back to my ever-filling stash before I reach that point, which is tedious. I’m extra frustrated because even when I clean out my bags after a trip, my armor, weapons, ammo, and various aid supplies all add up to 2/3rds of my maximum weight.

I can slowly expand my inventory limit through investing in strength stat points, but I don’t want to go all-in on that. I did manage to get a small backpack through one quest, but that only gave me five more pounds of carry weight, Whoopdie-doo.

I haven’t yet started on a new house, although I really do need to do that. Instead, it’s a lot of nail-biting adventures through dangerous areas that are very hostile to a level 11 newbie. Some of the mines in this game — yes, West Virginia has a LOT of mines — are more tense and claustrophobic than many MMO dungeons I’ve run. Probably the one that had me the most on edge was trying to make my way to to the bottom of a coal mine that was also on fire and had fire zombies everywhere. Good times.

I do like the branching quests and the ever-greater assortment of storytelling devices that the devs are now using. Running missions to help out the folks running the Wayward Inn became a lot more meaningful when I got to know the NPCs there and genuinely cared about them. And there were a couple of really surprising twists along the way which delighted me.

I don’t know who lives at this house, but I do not want to meet them.

So here’s a fun story of maturity in cyberspace. I was finishing up a mission to get through an airport when two other players burst into the room behind me, presumably also on a quest. I turned off voice chat early on, because I do not want to hear mouth-breathers slurring around half-chewed Doritos, so all I have to communicate with others in the game right now are emotes.

I did a friendly wave.

They responded by running up and punching me, over and over again.

Obviously, they were trying to goad me into participating in PvP, but I wasn’t having it. I knew that if I didn’t respond, the damage they did to me was negligible and their time was wasted. I did get a screenshot to commemorate the start of our beautiful friendship, however.

On another quest, I was running an obstacle course through some ruins when this horrid monstrosity leaped out at me and killed me in two blows. That’s me, showing off my backpack while I bleed out on the filth. Cool, eh?

2 thoughts on “Fallout 76: Beating friendship into you

  1. I have had to modify my playstyle slightly. When I log in, I ask myself “Do you want to quest or do you want to scavenge.” If I decide to push forward in a quest then I just resist the urge to pick up anything other than ammo and “Aid” items. Otherwise I found I NEVER got to where I was going to do the quest because I’d get overencumbered & have to fast travel back home.

    Of course me being the weirdo that I am, I’m too cheap to spend 2-5 caps to fast travel so I kept starting back at my base after unloading; that didn’t help.

    Some of the player-built bases do have Stash boxes, which is really appreciated. But of course since you’re on a different ‘server’ every time you log in you can’t really rely on them being there.

    All said tho, I am very pleasantly surprised at how much I’m FINALLY enjoying the game.

  2. I do the exact same thing as Nimgimli… when I go out to quest I do not bother with picking up junk for scrapping. I find the weight limits frustrate me and reduce my enjoyment of questing so I just choose to not do it when focusing on quests. I try to limit that to scrap runs and I have a few spots I go to for that for farming junk and gear to scrap.

    Like yourself I am really enjoying the new npc quests and conversations and I am finally getting the feeling this is Fallout. When I finally meet Crane and had to decide ‘what to do with him’…. that was so Fallout.

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