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Just because I’m playing your game doesn’t mean I endorse it

I always feel that whenever I get into playing a certain MMO, then the pressure is on to defend and promote it. After all, if I’m spending my time playing, then that’s a tacit endorsement of the game and all it stands for, right?

Yet that’s not the truth, and I find myself irked when I or others pressure me into behaving this way. You can like a game and play a game without 100% approving of all it is, the studio behind it, and the developer’s design philosophy. I’ve long come to realize that no game is above reproach; there are always areas to criticize and dislike. I just figure that if there’s more to like than not, then you’ll probably be playing it; if it’s the other way around, it’s not worth the time. But I’m not going to assume much past that.

In fact, some of an MMO’s most fierce critics are either current or former players. Some have a specific axe to grind, while others are simply far more in tune with what does and does not work in the game and are in a better position to voice criticism about it.

But going back to that perceived pressure, I don’t find that people *not* playing a game are often more likely to defend a title. It’s very easy to lob criticisms when you don’t care or care to understand, so why not? So there’s that pressure to push back and try to strike a blow for equal understanding when you *are* playing. But, you know, that’s not my job. Nor is it yours.

We can be ambassadors for an MMO as much or as little as we please, but I’d rather that come from a personal desire to share what is bringing me joy and happiness than a reaction to negativity or what I see is unfair criticism. We all know that there’s no end to trying to correct others’ “wrongs” on the internet, although it’s certainly tempting to keep on trying.

Eh well, ignore this post. Just random ramblings. And game devs, yeah, you probably don’t care if I like you or not, as long as I’m playing, but you know what? You should care. You should care if your players are building up deep reservoirs of grudges from your negligence and ignorance, because one day that tank is going to blow all sorts of venom against you to other potential customers. So don’t take us players for granted; work hard to keep us there and keep us happy.

4 thoughts on “Just because I’m playing your game doesn’t mean I endorse it

  1. I am intensely confused. Is this a Fallout 76 thing? No other game seems to prompt as much defensiveness. 😉

    Mind you, just because you endorse a game doesn’t mean I want to play it either. (Where “you” and “I” are meant in a general sense.)

    Life is Strange was strongly endorsed and hyped by a gazillion people, and when I tried it, it broke my squick meter to the extent that I tried to get a Steam refund for it. Me, the collector of 1600+ games and counting. Just did not want it on my list anymore.

  2. Not sure what endorse is supposed to mean here, but if I’m playing it I seem to be getting something out of it. That doesn’t necessarily mean I have to promote it, that’s correct. But I don’t think I could honestly say “buy this game! It’s good!”. There could be a million reasons why I am playing but still not advocating it. I guess a common one for non-sub games is that you already own it, may as well play it. Or you have 10 years of time invested and don’t want to cancel your sub over something because it is still YOUR favorite game but the developer made a booboo.

    It’s complicated.

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