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LOTRO: Hunters ‘R’ Me

You may eat an everything bagel, but I like to game with an everything Hobbit. That’s what I think of my newest character, a Hunter I made on Landroval for the express purpose of… being everything. She’s there to fully complete zone quests, to do all of the deeds possible, to craft (Scholar), and to rake in as much LP as possible. There’s no race, since this is a regular server, and so I’m just doing a half-hour or so of casual questing with her each night.

So far? It’s been relaxing in that familiar, been-there, pie-runned that sort of way. Pretty much the only real newness to me is the Hunter class, and that I’ve even dabbled in the past. I’m going yellow line with her, mostly because I love using an exploding decoy and whipping out some nasty AOE abilities.

Night over Frogmorton. This game is still so very beautiful in so many ways.

One advantage of rolling on the same server as my main character is that my Hunter has access to a ridiculously huge (I think 260 slots?) wardrobe. So it was pretty nice to get her decked out in a spiffy outfit from the get-go that didn’t look like lowbie thrift store.

Whenever I start up a new Hobbit, I always make sure that the first two quest chains I run are the mail and pie chains. They’re very lengthy and somewhat tedious, although I don’t mind them because of the nostalgic value (and the fact that I can put on a TV show and mindlessly do them). These chains have the added benefit of unlocking all the stablemasters, racking up a ton of completed quest for the zone deed, getting a big chunk of combat-free XP, and snarfing up all of the quest accepts as I run about.

It was a little weird to roll a Hunter about two days before SSG dropped a major Hunter overhaul. I was a little peeved that the yellow line DOT that I’d been using went from a focus-free instant attack to a two-focus cost. So I had to rearrange my rotation a little and get used to being more stationary before I attacked.

If I had one wish for the Shire, by the way, it would be for a much larger Shire. Like a whole game of nothing but Hobbit MMO goodness. But if I had another wish, it would be for far more stablemasters in the zone. I think Overhill needs one, at the very least, and I wouldn’t be opposed to Frogmorton or Tuckborough either.

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