Sunday Serenade: Newsies, Avicii, and more!

Time for another Sunday morning dose of random songs that I’ve been listening to this past week! Welcome to Sunday Serenade — now let’s crank the jams up with… 

“The World Will Know” from Newsies — Listening to this rousing anthem, it makes me wonder how Disney actually feels about unions.

“We Won’t Be Alone” by Feint — The way the beat ramps up for the chorus is amazing. And the vocals aren’t half bad either.

“Peace of Mind” by Avicii — There’s a real nice chill flow with this one.

“Sixteen” by Ellie Goulding — What’s with much older singers trying to pretend that they totally remember what it was like to be a teenager? Oh well, I love the chorus with this one.

“Nice to Meet Ya” by Niall Horan — This song kicks into gear quite a lot, and it’s a great experience each and every time.

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