Syp’s gaming goals for June 2020

May 2020 in review

  • Well, another wonderful (ahem) COVID quarantine month in the bag — it’s so strange to think that we’ve been in this new world for two-and-a-half months now. At least things are slowly starting to reopen in Western NY, so there’s some hope that this summer won’t be experienced solely behind closed doors.
  • I’d say that my gaming time pretty much remained constant. I mostly rotated through three titles, giving each about 45 minutes a night apiece.
  • Elder Scrolls Online got a strong resurgence from me, partially thanks to the next expansion and partially thanks to generally engaging storytelling and a pretty world. I worked on hunting down some final quests in Northern Elsweyr and did some lengthy prologue quest chains.
  • Over in Lord of the Rings Online, I finished up the relatively short Wells of Langflood zone on my Lore-master, played around with a baby Hobbit Hunter, and did some deed hunting on my legendary server Minstrel.
  • And in Fallout 76, I reached level 25, picked a faction to support (Settlers), built a small cottage, and explored some fun quest chains.
  • Since I’m way, way ahead in my retro gaming play (in comparison to what is being posted these days), I’ve been playing through Knights of the Old Republic (light side).

June 2020 gaming goals

  • I’m 100% into trying out Phantasy Star Online 2 and seeing how that whole experience goes. I’m optimistic, but not riding all of my hopes and dreams on it. I’ve been encouraged by hearing pretty good things about those playing it, so if it grabs me? I’m willing to be swept along… or just dabble, if that’s all my interest or time allows.
  • With Greymoor out for Elder Scrolls Online, I’ll definitely be working my way through the new expansion before doing anything else in the game. I really want to try out the Antiquities system as well and see if that might be a fun side activity.
  • Lord of the Rings Online remains a toss-up. I’ve actually been having fun just casually deeding on my Minstrel, so I might continue that until Helm’s Deep or another content patch drops on the live server. And no, I won’t be doing the new PvP world. Not my thing.
  • For Fallout 76, I would like to get to level 30 at the very least and get deeper into the ally and faction systems. When the first season comes out, I’m going to charge into that full-bore.
  • KOTOR’s probably going to take me two more months to finish at the rate I’ve been going, so that’s what I’m aiming to do.

Junes of the past


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