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LOTRO: Deed farming for fun and profit

In the past month, I’ve been bouncing around different projects and characters in LOTRO, from a new Hunter to trying to dust off my old Captain (and failing miserably). But weirdly enough, the activity that’s really stuck during this period has been doing nothing more complicated than deed farming on my Minstrel.

In this, I’ve been going back to earlier zones and then finishing up deeds until everything is done for the region. At this point the questing deeds have long since been done, so pretty much all that’s left are exploration and slayer deeds. The exploration ones are fun enough, a scenic drive through old familiar landscapes. But weirdly enough, I’ve even been enjoying the slayer deeds.

Listen, I’ve never been one to eschew farming mobs. There’s something relaxing about shutting one’s brain off and just grinding out bad guys while listening to music or watching a show. It’s just that LOTRO’s original slayer deed count was comically high. Fortunately, this got a lot more sane in recent years, and while you do have to kill hundreds of mobs for any given deeds, it’s not that bad. Part of the challenge is finding the best possible grinding spot where the mobs are thick, plentiful, and respawn quickly.

I don’t feel as though I’m wasting my time with any of this. On the contrary, I’ve been looking at deed farming as a way to invest more into my character. First, I get virtue XP to use toward a whole host of stats, and every last bit is helpful. Second, I get lots of drops that I can vendor or auction for gold. Nothing bad about storing up a fat bank account! .

And third, I get LOTRO points. With these and my monthly stipend, I’ve been saving up for big purchases — my current goal is to make sure I have enough to buy the Rohan premium house when it comes along.

There are also some additional rewards that come with deed farming, including getting motes, titles, and other various goodies. And while I’m farming, I’m usually chatting with my kinship and enjoying their company. That doesn’t feel like time wasted at all.

As of the writing of this, I’ve worked my way through all the lowbie zones, Lone-lands, North Downs, and Trollshaws. It’s a good start, but there’s plenty more deeds to go — and more than enough to keep me occupied until Helm’s Deep releases!

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