Chrono Trigger: A sunny day in Oz

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1995’s Chrono Trigger. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

The Sun Stone is a side quest that takes full advantage of the time travel format of the game. For starters, there’s this super-annoying boss that drops this depleted sun stone that needs 65 million years (give or take) to recharge. The Crono Crew takes it to prehistory, plugs it into the wall (aka a sun shrine) and waits a while.

But it disappears somewhere along the way — 1000 AD, to be precise. This mayor of a town ends up with it, and initially he’s a right grumpy dude. But a trip back to 600 AD to be nice to his great-great-great-grandmother, and he turns from grumpy to gracious and gives the stone back.

Finally charged up, the Sun Stone is putty in Lucca’s hands, who uses it to make her ultimate weapon, the Wondershot. Nice!

Next up on the side quest list is a trip to Ozzie’s fort, to put a cap on the confrontations that the crew had at Magus’ palace. Ozzie is… not pleased to see the team again. There’s a really funny moment as Ozzie hauls up two guardians to fight for him, the battle music spins up… and then the guardians fall into a pit, causing the battle music to fizzle.

It’s really fun to frustrate Ozzie. Such a loser. I love him.

After boss fight after boss fight, the team finally corners Ozzie — and a little cat saunters in, hits a switch to open the trap door underneath him. That’s the end of Ozzie, but not of the legendary loot that the Crono Crew hauled away from this castle!

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