The LOTRO march of deeds goes on

It may not be the most thrilling activity I’ve ever done in MMOs, but deeding in Lord of the Rings Online is proving to be far more fulfilling and interesting than I first thought. Previous to 2020, I don’t think I ever cleared out more than a half-dozen zone deed logs on any given character. Now? I’m almost done with Eriador. As in the whole region.

I think it really helps that there isn’t anything more pressing that I need or want to do in the game. It’s a nice period of quiet downtime where every night’s session is reliably stable: I log in, check my deed log against LOTRO Wiki’s list, and continue to hack away clearing out whatever zone I’m currently in. Bit by bit, zone by zone, I’m getting through it all — and reaping a whole ton of rewards.

But above the virtue XP, the gold, the LOTRO Points, the titles, and the rest, one great reward is revisiting these older favorite zones and just marinating in them. The deeds get me to see parts of the zones I might not have quested through, and I’ve thrilled to discover a secret or fresh vista that serves as a nice surprise after a decade and a half of playing this game.

While you might think that the slayer deeds are the truly onerous chores, they’re actually not. The devs halved the numbers required several years ago, and the wiki usually has good suggestions for rich farming locations. The two worst deeds I’ve done in terms of time spent and frustration expended involved finding very specific places in large indoor instances — one in Goblin-town and one in Eregion’s Minas Elendur. I had to keep tabbing out to look at maps for those, and that got old pretty quick. That said, I’m glad I got them done in the end.

The only zone deed I didn’t do was one in Evendim that required the slaughter of certain dungeon bosses. I gave a stab at trying to solo these while setting the dungeon 25 levels below me, but it was a stupid slog and it didn’t count toward the zone meta deed, so I gave it up. At least I got the above screenshot and felt like that time was well spent.

I’m already thinking ahead to what I might do once Helm’s Deep opens on the progression shard. I don’t want to give up deeding entirely, so I might spend one night a week or something continuing to do this with the other nights devoted to normal questing. I feel like my Minstrel is already shaping up to be my strongest-performing character, so I’m growing more attached to her every day.

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