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Elder Scrolls Online’s SHACK OF DEATH

Here’s a general MMO adventuring pro-tip: Sooner or later, you’re going to come across the dwelling of a cannibal and/or serial killer. When this happens, don’t be surprised. Take in the view of the almost comical piles of skeletons and bones, snap a few pictures if you must, and then carefully back away while resisting the urge to grab a souvenir. Hanging out there is just begging to get added to the “collection.” And trust me, no matter how bad you think your life is right now, it’s going to get a little bit worse when someone else is wearing your skin as a human suit.

And welcome back to another fun sojourn through Elder Scrolls Online, where even your winter wonderland is plagued by cultists, killers, madmen, vampires, and a lot of drunk vikings. One of my friends said that he’s felt let down by Greymoor, which is generally seen as “fine” but “not near the insanely popular heights of Skyrim.”

Me? I’m OK with it so far. I was never as enamored with Skyrim as it seems like most all gamers are, so I guess I’m seeing Greymoor as just another solid ESO zone. I’m still in the above-ground portion of it, working on side quests and doing a fair amount of antiquing on the side.

I was really delighted to see that my old friend Rigurt returned. His quest chain in Elsweyr was among the highlights, and I’m glad that the writers brought him back for another ambassadorial adventure. The guy is such a goofball mix of dense and enthusiastic that he reminds me of Park and Recreation’s Andy. He also gets some of the best lines of any quest dialogue.

Plus, this is the only quest I’ve played in ESO where I’m frantically chasing a fish that’s high on mushrooms.

As for my new bow-wielding lifestyle, it’s functional but still not that magical rotation that will suddenly transform ESO into a normal-feeling MMO combat system. I’m killing at a nice pace, but it’s not necessarily fun or snappy enough that I run out of my way to go fight. Actually, I’ve noticed that you really don’t kill as many mobs in ESO than in most MMOs. I can appreciate that, at least.

2 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online’s SHACK OF DEATH

  1. Recently having finished the main story line Greymoor, i basically have both mentioned points of view at the same time.

    The main story is too predictable, you can see the surprising story twist already from miles away. Also, the end feels disappointing. I mean i get it, just like the Elsweyr story, the second part will be a DLC, so they have to hold it back. But while Northern Elsweyr ended on the note that it will continue, it didn’t feel like “now we know what’s going on, we urgently have to act, so we better take a break now”.

    Outside the scope of the main story, Western Skyrim fares much better. I also haven’t done more than the storyline relevant things in the caverns, so i can’t comment on that part. But it’s really the small side missions where the expansion really shines, even when not yet looking at Rigurt. Who is a phenomenon by himself. A seemingly hollow-headed and clueless Nord diplomat with no knowlege on how to actually be a dipomat, he still is resourceful, knows strange things and just the right people. I find it quite amusing on how he handles his problems and how he actually succeeds by setting the strangest things in motion.

    There’s a few more gems like that around and i am still curious, if and where Razum Dar might turn up again. I don’t think they managed to create a whole expansion without putting him in at some place.

    On the last passage and combat: it’s funny, because i just recently again pondered how crazy mass murderers we all are in MMOs. And i personally also include ESO there. While you might not have to kill as many mobs as in some other MMOs, you still can barely ride a few hundred meters without anything trying to kill you. It’s kind of a cost-efficiency plague: we created so much space, we also have to use it, so if there’s not a group of bandits or wolves or whatever else every few meters, the space is wasted. I’d really appreciate more free space and less of combat density for about any MMO i play, but i guess that’s too much to ask for.

    For the rest, how combat feels for you: I also agree that it’s not the best combat system there ever was. But i found it workable, you just have to get used to it. I wish i could give you some pointers on how to make it more enjoyable, but it for me didn’t click yet, what changes i could suggest to you to make it feel better.

  2. I found turning on display of damage numbers in the options made an improvement for me, as I started getting a sense of when I’d delivered bigger hits. It probably shouldn’t have made as much difference as it did, really, except I suppose it brought my experience more in line with other games. Give it a shot.

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