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Power leveling my World of Warcraft Druid

While I waited for some of last week’s major content updates to happen, I spent the time pushing hard to power-level my (not so much anymore) baby Druid in World of Warcraft. In the span of two weeks, I went from a brand-new level 1 to level 83, mostly thanks to the double XP bonus and the ability to chain-heal dungeons.

In fact, after about level 30 or so, I did dungeons exclusively. It was simply more convenient and quicker, especially since I’d be outpacing old content pretty quickly anyway with the XP bonus. Each dungeon netted me a level or two, depending on if there were quests inside I hadn’t done yet, and I got enough gear from queuing up for randoms to stay up to date.

The plan for this character, therefore, is to keep dungeon crawling until she gets to about 100, at which point I’ll head on over and do Legion stuff for a while. I don’t have the Battle for Azeroth expansion pack on this account, and I’m loathe to spend money on it right now when it’s going to be rolled into the subscription package either with the pre-patch or Shadowlands (not really sure which). I figure that there are worse things than spending time in an expansion that I genuinely liked and getting some of the extra frills, like toys, pets, and mounts, that I currently lack.

Seriously, I’m level 83, and I don’t have a single mount on this account. Druid flight form rocks.

Every so often, I’ll team up with my wife on whatever character she’s leveling that day, and we’ll adventure together. Once she realized that she could ride my travel form, she demanded to be carried everywhere. I was fine with this until she started ringing a bell from the other room and shouting, “Driver! Driver come pick me up!”

So — and this is true — one of the times I had her on my back, I made for a beeline and jumped straight off a cliff to both of our deaths. Thelma and Louised it. I wish I had been recording the startled screech she made (and her subsequent “you are so CRAZY!” laugh) from the other room, because it’s become a fond memory.

I don’t want to pat my back, but I’m totally going to pat my back here and say that I’m not a half-bad healer. My favorite dungeon experience came from a Stratholme group that was quite death-prone, and I had to frantically playing the healing DoT keyboard to keep them from wiping. I got the above compliment as a result, which had to keep me warm for the times when PUGs yelled at me because Joe DPS charged into a boss mob and died in a fraction of a second.

Yeah, I think I’ve got my healing groove down pretty tight. I’ve probably spent more time in a non-combat resto form on this character than in any battles, so I’m sure to be rusty when I have to start fighting again. But I love the Druid healing options, and I’ve specced to have a few “oh crap!” options for when fights turn south. The big hulking tree form is pretty sweet to pull out on boss fights, in particular, but what really does it for me with this class is that it’s proactive rather than reactive healing. I find that I like that more in my MMO healers, to build up a stockpile of HoTs on the tank, than to have to play catch-up all the time.

One thought on “Power leveling my World of Warcraft Druid

  1. I feel you. I never should have told my GF that I had gotten a two-seater Chocobo in FFXIV back in the day, from then on I always had to carry her everywhere.

    Ok, at least she wasn’t actually sitting on MY back, but still…

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