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WoW: Moving back into Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard must’ve heard me making plans to tread water in Legion because there’s no way I was going to buy Battle for Azeroth at full price this late into the expansion. Sure enough, a summer sale kicked off last week with a huge discount to BFA, taking the price down to a much more manageable $20.

So yeah, I’ll buy that. I wasn’t planning on it, but I’m not against the idea of getting my new Druid to 120 and fully prepped for Shadowlands. And as a bonus, the $20 price tag also came with a single level 110 character boost.

I actually sweated that for a few hours. The last time I got a level boost, back with BFA launched, my lovely daughter jumped on my computer and used it without my permission. She’s since been disowned, but we laugh about it now. So I haven’t had this chance, and I knew I would only get it this one time (well, maybe a second once I pre-order Shadowlands). I took some time to consider maybe bringing up another character to 110, perhaps a Shaman or Hunter, but in the end I figured that I was already really invested in this character and wanted to see her through. So she went from 88 to 110 in a click of a button, got a basic set of gear, and went right into Boralus.

What they don’t tell you about the level boost is that Blizzard takes away your talent and hotbar settings as well as wiping out any glyphs you used. That was… annoying, but after an evening of doing intro quests and the tutorial, I was more or less back in the same shape I was previously, just with a few additional talents.

This marks a pretty big transition for how I handle this character, as I’ve pretty much spent 100% of a week and a half doing nothing but healing her way up through dungeons. I’m a great healer on her, but a fighter? I’m pretty rusty with that. I spent the first dozen or so quests getting the kinks worked out of my rotation, making sure that I had options to handle both single- and multi-target encounters. Fortunately, the Druid can handle both, although not as quickly as I could on my Death Knight.

I don’t mind doing all of the quests all over again in BFA — this will be pretty much just the second or third time I’ve done these, and spread out in time, at that. But what I do deeply miss is the ability to fly. I had *just* gotten that on my old account prior to taking time off from it, and it’s restricting to go from instant flight in the old Azeroth to being grounded again. At least I have the flight master whistle and other quick forms of transport.

And while I know that BFA soured a lot of people on the game, I still think it’s got some of the most beautiful and atmospheric zones, particularly on Alliance side. Legion was more fun in its overall package, but BFA does a great job in the questing and exploration.

Now my goal is to get to 120 as quickly as I can — thanks, 100% XP buff! — and gear up with timewalking dungeons.

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