What’s in a (World of Warcraft) name?

While I’ve talked about names before here on Bio Break, I myself am usually pretty boring in that respect. I’ll usually snag “Syp” or some variation thereof — Syppi, Sypster, Syperstar, Syppy, Syperia, Sypsonic — and stick with that in MMORPGs.

However, in heading back to World of Warcraft on a new account this past month, I figured it might be time to try my hand at some different names. I didn’t want to make up some nonsense name or smash words together, so instead I spent more time than I care to admit looking through lists of obscure beautiful English words and checking the WoW character creation screen to see if they were available on my server.

I have four so far, and thought I’d share them with you and what they mean.

So my first is my Druid, who I named Figment. That’s a more common word than the other three on this list, so I’m very surprised it was still available. It means “a thing that someone believes to be real but that exists only in their imagination,” which I find VERY appropriate for an MMO.

The I picked Yonderly for my mostly unused Shaman. Yonderly is an adjective from the 1800s that means “absent-minded, woolly-headed, or weak in body and spirit.” I am definitely woolly-headed at times, so why not?

For my Gnome Hunter, whom I’m parking until the expansion so I can level her up through one expansion, I gave her the name Gwenders. It’s slang for “the dreadful pins and needles feeling you get in your fingers in cold weather.”

Finally, for my Death Knight I went with Photopsia. I think most people assume that I just took the word “photo” and added some random suffix, but photopsia is actually “the presence of perceived flashes of light in the field of vision.” I really liked that.

So what are some of the interesting names you’ve picked for your characters, and what do they mean?

3 thoughts on “What’s in a (World of Warcraft) name?

  1. Ruhtra July 23, 2020 / 9:21 am

    I am returning from a pretty lengthy break and decided I would try a new server where some of my old guild mates had moved to. By the way, love your names! Usually I do one of two things with names. The first is to do similar to you, look for various words and then assign those to a character, or roll a Tauren and name him Lovabull. Yup I did it! He goes with other such classics as Indomitabull, Lunchabull, and Huggabull.

  2. Solarayo July 23, 2020 / 10:24 am

    I picked the name Nightnova for my first character (a Night Elf Druid). Not sure what my exact thought process was back in the day, but probably “Night” from Night Elf and “Nova” because I live in Nova Scotia, haha 🤔

  3. Christopher July 23, 2020 / 1:54 pm

    I used to think that it didn’t matter at all what my character’s name was, or what they were wearing. So I had functional or ridiculous names and wore whatever dropped without giving it a second thought. At some point, however, I realized that I gravitated toward characters with meaningful or beautiful names, and I started transmogging with the yak so that their outfits had some kind of aesthetic appeal (not always elegant but that meant something). Characters with ugly names got passed over and ignored. For example, I made a mistweaver monk named Gossamer, and after Teldrassil burned, I created a new night elf with the Night Warrior eyes that I called Inconsolable.

    Those characters got played more, leveled and geared faster, and I started developing a personality and story for them inside my head. I don’t do any kind of RP, that’s not my thing, but I do feel like these elements positively affect the game in way’s that I didn’t expect.

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