Space Quest V: In space, no one can hear you squeem

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1993’s Space Quest V: The Next Mutation. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Before I get into today’s playthrough session, let’s talk about Star Trek. While Space Quest as a series tends to spread its parodies, references, and homages around to a huge variety of scifi franchises, Space Quest V stands out as primarily a Star Trek parody with fewer references outside of that. I think this had to be a product of the time.

In 1993, Star Trek was hitting its heights as a franchise. The film series was still going strong, Next Generation was really popular, and Deep Space Nine was on the way. People knew Star Trek because it was everywhere and had saturated into the modern pop culture lingo. Other scifi franchises, such as Star Wars and Doctor Who, were in slumber by 1993. So aiming SQV at Star Trek makes a lot of sense when you consider that latching onto the popularity of Kirk, Picard, and company probably meant stronger sales.

Anyway, back to the game! Captain Roger of the starship Eureka is off to a… less than grand start with his command. His two officers, Flo and Droole, don’t seem to care for him very much. Plus, they all work on a garbage scow that’s been ordered to go pick up refuse. That doesn’t bode well for a bright future.

As the Eureka blasts off into lite speed, a ship appears with a female terminator, somewhat reminiscent to Arnoid the Annihilator from Space Quest III.

To make matters more interesting, the Eureka intercepts a transmission from an ugly alien to StarCon. I’m guessing the recipient is Captain Quirk, who talks with the alien about handling some “hot goods” ASAP.

Meanwhile, the Eureka crew keep picking up various bags of garbage in space. The second haul brings in more than they expected — something’s alive in it, and Cliffy the engineer ain’t going to be the first in through the door on this one. The captain IS wearing the red shirt, after all.

That “something” ends up being an alien facehugger who Roger promptly adopts as a pet and calls “Spike.” Obviously, Roger isn’t one to stack the odds in his favor of a long life expectancy. However, I do think it’s pretty funny for the game to make Spike a pet rather than the terrorizing murder-alien that we’d expect.

Roger’s quest to make friends among his shipmates hits a potential snag as the womanoid appears, knocks the Eureka around with her far superior ship, and then orders Roger to beam down to the surface of Kiz Urazgubi to be disassembled for messing around with the novelty company back in Space Quest II.

Well, this is probably the end of the road for Roger Wilco. Nice knowing you, bud.

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