8 benefits of a World of Warcraft garrison in 2020

Here’s something I was wondering while leveling up WoW characters through Warlords of Draenor: Is there any remaining benefit from building and owning a garrison? I did some poking around to see what the community thinks now in 2020, and here is a list of 8 benefits that players can still enjoy with this system today:

1. To have your own pseudo-housing space

Face it, this is the closest to actual player housing we’re going to get unless Blizzard has a major change of heart down the line. But for now, it’s a slightly customizable private instance with overlays, music, and options as to which structures to build.

2. You get a free hearthstone to Draenor

Which also means that, off the regular hearthstone cooldown, you have a fast way to get to vendors to sell and repair. And a mailbox. And possibly a bank. And a rest area. If you’ve worked for it, it’s a free hearthstone to an auction house as well.

3. Free 32-slot bags

Even though Shadowlands will most likely bump up the available bag space quite a lot, you can still make free 32-slotters through the garrison. That’s nice for alt equipping, if nothing else.

4. Making money

While the mission tables no longer award hard cash, creative garrison owners have figured out plenty of ways to turn an easy profit with the resources at hand. Producing drums from leatherworking huts is one good money maker, I’ve heard. Cards from the level 2 Scribe’s Quarters is another one.

5. Transmog

Raid cache missions are a good source of getting additional transmog, if you want to look fashionable. And who doesn’t?

6. Goblin gliders production

These are always needed, especially at the start of expansions, so this is actually coming back en vogue.

7. Free mounts and pets

There are ways to get both mounts and pets through the garrison, which is a huge selling point for me. Love my little critters.

8. Durability shields

If you build the blacksmith and assign a follower there, he or she can give you a four-hour buff to prevent any durability damage. Perfect for before a dungeon or raid run!

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