6 reasons why SWTOR is sucking me back in

Sometimes when you return to a game, there’s one overriding reason why that’s so. But for me, it’s been a bit of a different bag when it comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic as of late. As these things go, the thought of a return started to take seed a while ago and then was watered and nurtured by several different factors until the install screen happened.

Just happened! Out of the blue!

So what gives? I’ve identified the factors that facilitated the desire to return, and they are:

1. The recent Steam launch put it back on my radar

Sometimes it just takes a positive news story about an MMO to jog one’s memory and deliver a rush of positive emotions toward a title. Oh yeah! That still exists! And it’s doing good things!

In fact, it seems like the Steam release was a real shot in the arm for SWTOR and has greatly benefited the game over the past month. Good for it.

2. I’ve been wanting a little scifi for variety’s sake

It seems that when I end up spending a lot of time playing 100% fantasy MMOs, I seriously start craving one with a scifi bent. That usually sends me to SWTOR, Star Trek Online, or (in the past) WildStar.

3. I just replayed Knights of the Old Republic

Coming later this year to retro gaming! But yeah, I spent a couple of months replaying KOTOR, and if that doesn’t put you in the mood for some SWTOR, I don’t know what will.

4. It’s a nice lateral jump from World of Warcraft

SWTOR is the scifi version of WoW, at least with its combat and game design. It’s bright and colorful and responsive, and it’s all about that tab-targetting when it comes to fights. Since I’ve been doing a lot of WoW these days, it wasn’t much of a departure to do SWTOR too.

5. There’s still tons I’ve never seen in the game

It’s a harder sell when you look at an MMO where you’ve done it all, but this isn’t the case for SWTOR. I haven’t even finished the most recent two expansions, and I certainly have not seen most of the class storylines (I’ve only really ever fully completed three of the eight — Agent, Bounty Hunter, and Smuggler).

6. There are plenty of onboarding options

I could pick up and play one of my previous characters, continue their stories. I could make a new one and start at the beginning, the Fallen Throne expansions, or the Onslaught expansion. There are a LOT of potential choices here, and choices get me excited.

4 thoughts on “6 reasons why SWTOR is sucking me back in

  1. Shadowz August 4, 2020 / 9:44 am

    I have done all the expansions up to the new one that is “Coming soon”, Did all 8 class stories, maxed out influence before the expansions dropped that removed the required 10,000 in the past. Still I hold a monthly sub to it, but I’ve been doing a lot more WoW as of late over SWTOR. I get reminders in my email about the cartel coins being added to my account with subscription, but yeah I do venture in there from time to time as well.

  2. Sylow August 4, 2020 / 12:05 pm

    Hmm. On the topic of returning to SWtoR i can tell a story of three kings and an ugly troll.

    Over the last few years, after TSW was closed down and its cheap replacement being no fun, i returned to more than one MMO i formerly played. So let’s take a look at how my welcome back was for each of them.

    So the first king on the story is DC Universe.

    I did not even return to this for the first time. The way the game is designed, i go through kind of a routine with it. After being away for a year or so, i log in again. The game gives me friendly greetings for being back. It tries to also give me helpful messages on what has changed, but i always again first need some time to get used to the interface again, so i tend to miss out on the new information.

    Next to getting a bit of information overload, which is to be expected when you are away from a MMO for so long, it also gave me goodies, though. Whenever i was away for more than a year, the game greeted me with a “welcome back” package, which included a complete set of equipment of the level required for the newest content, some consumables, materials for the changed crafting system, etc.

    So whenever i return to DCU, i then spend some time re-practicing my combat combos, google-fu the changes i missed and look at what new content they give me. After having fun for a few days with the limited new free content, i then pay a few bucks for the actual new content and have a few weeks of fun.

    After two or three weeks of fun i then find that the new content starts getting repetitive, especially as i don’t want to grind out the new top level gear. (It will be outdated with the next update, anyways, and the game will give me new equipment again. It’s all fine and dandy. )

    So after a few weeks of having fun and spending a bit of money i leave again. We remain fond friends, knowing that while we now part ways again, we’ll also meet again in the future.

    A proud king it is. Our paths may only cross once a while, but when they do, it’s a pleasant experience.

    The second king is Elder Scrolls Online.

    It had a very rough start when it was launched and made me leave quite soon. And it’s really my wifes influence that i gave it another chance. But when we actually returned, it treated me well. I remember to have gotten free skill and attribute reset items and some other goodies when i returned.

    The welcome was not as loud and flashy as from DCU, but it was friendly and helpful. Especially as unlike DCU the information of what was changed was presented in a way that i was able to digest a lot of it right when entering the game, without me having to fight the user interface. It guided me back into playing, without being annoying or obnoxious.

    Only after playing for a while and getting tired of inventory management, i stumbled over ESO+, wich i have since then. I don’t mind a game trying to make money from me. The developers put work into it and in the end it is there for them to make money. As long as it asks for money in a nice and well behaved way, i am happy to give the developers some.

    So from the 40 months since i returned there, i will have 36 months of subscription in this month, i think.

    A strong king it is. Despite turmoil and seemlingly doom at launch, it has recovered from it and when our paths crossed again, it won me over by it’s noble nature.

    The third king is Star Trek Online.

    From this one i had a very long break, over seven years. When i returned, it overwhelmed me with all the information of what has changed. But it also, to compensate for the changes, gave me a complete character reset and, to compensate for the equipment changes, provided some new gear to me. So despite the inane number of changes and reworked systems during 7 years of absence, my max level character was still at max level and able to operate within limited time. (No more than it took my wife to create a new character and play through the tutorial, so definitely less than two hours. )

    As as if this was not enough, a few days later, when first time checking out the item store (the game did not push me towards it at all), i learned that i had a new uniform and some free ships waiting for me. Apparently the mere fact that my account existed at the time of the corresponding events, they added the rewards to it.

    As most of my ship slots and all my outfit slots already were in use, i some weeks later spend some money on it to get more ship and outfit slots and some other goodies. So hey, in the about 9 months since i returned, they also made like 70 Euros from me.

    A generous king it is. It waited patiently for me to return, then gave me several gifts for returning.

    So these were the three Kings. They all gave me a warm welcome back, granted me gifts and support, each in their own way. And each of them in turn also got the gift of subsription or buying something in return. Now let’s look at the ugly troll.

    The ugly troll, unfortunately, is SWtoR.

    Due to recent news and everything, i just last weekend also decided to take a look again. The patcher first just downloading the starting areas might seem like a good idea, i very much get it from the technical side. But it right away resulted in the game showing its ugly side. Already in the character creation, the game went like “now, this one extra race is unlocked, as you already have one character of this race”. The others, while they were available at the time i bought the game, were locked and when clicking on it, the game immediately screamed at me that i should pay some money.

    So even before i was through the character creation, it screamed for cash. I rather picked a free race and moved on. Then i tried to set up my interface there. Again i immediately ran into articicial limitations. I knew from my older characters, that there would be more toolbars than two available and necessary. So i looked how to get those. The game replied “gimme money!”

    Confused about this, i asked a friend who i knew that he also recently returned. He told me that he had more bars available. I waited till the full download was complete, then switched to one of my older characters. And lo and behold! That character actually had more toolbars unlocked.

    Unfortunately it also did welcome me back with my character (unlike in the character menu) now wearing an extremely ugly helmet. You could now credit the game for understanding my problem, as it right away, first thing on the screen, was telling me on how to open the outfit menu. So that’s where a went. And there it of course, again, asked for money.

    Within merely minutes of actually playing, it already three times asked me for money, one time even showing off something which very much limits your ability to play the game. (Giving you not enough toolbars for all your abilities on a game of this design! )

    An ugly troll it is. Lurking under the bridge and trying to take your money and, due to how it behaves, being the one not getting mine. It could be that the game behind all that begging for cash actually is rather good. I could not tell. Its behaviour in this short time disgusted me so much that an uninstall was what i chose to do.

  3. pkudude99 August 4, 2020 / 12:08 pm

    I got back into it for a little over a month about a year ago. It had all the same problems as it did when I stopped playing it 8 or 9 years back, though at least the leveling experience was smoothed out. Still and all, for the most part I simply found it “okay to annoying” so it couldn’t keep my interest.

    In the short time I played, I did at least manage to cap out crafting (I’d capped it when I Initially played also), and I made it up to finishing 7 of the 8 stories (up from 2…) but I never even bothered to do any expansion content really. Did a smidge of the Hutt Cartel, but it was really just more of the same AFAIC, so I stopped that and went back to my push to actually complete the class stories, which I still failed to do becuz I just lost interest in logging in at all.

    As I said in my blog post after my return was over — “I had an itch, I scratched it, and it’s not itching anymore.”

  4. Brazen Bondar August 4, 2020 / 3:03 pm

    I went back to SWTOR after TSW was murdered. I hadn’t played the game since about 2 months after the so-called “f2p” happened, so that was about a five year gap. I’m still playing it. I really enjoy some of the new areas like Ossus. I can live with Onderon and the atmosphere in Mek-sha is absolutely stunning. It’s a little unfortunate the replay possibilities in Mek-sha are limited. I’ve completed all 8 story lines, but I will have to say you did the best three out of them. If you are going to do the expansions, you should do them on a force wielding character. The story doesn’t make sense otherwise, and you will only want to go through those two expansions once or no more than twice, one for dark, one for light. The expansions aren’t tied to class so the story is basically the same for all. I would encourage you to go through and experience all the content. New content comes VERY slowly, but you have much to experience for the first time. Even with the changes to f2p, it’s still more restrictive than it needs to be. Sub for a month or two. That’s my advice – go for it.

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